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Brisbane City Council

The largest local government in Australia, Brisbane City Council is dedicated to building a better Brisbane. Council plays an important role in managing the City's resources to ensure its vibrancy, success and liveability continues for future generations. Every day, Council's people, in a workforce now numbering some 8633 full-time and part-time employees, have an opportunity to make a real difference to the City of Brisbane of today and tomorrow.

Council delivers a diverse range of services, from road building and maintenance, waste management and minimisation and city administration to community services such as immunisation and food safety programs, animal management and library, sporting and recreational facilities and services.
With this comes a responsibility for the city's assets. We lead and contribute to the development of major infrastructure to ensure the effective, efficient movement of people and freight and ongoing prosperity for the city and our smart, connected and engaged communities.

In collaboration with the community of Brisbane, Council developed the Living in Brisbane 2026 Vision. This vision sets the scene on how Council and the community can collaboratively work together to manage urban development and facilitate the growth of a well-designed sustainable city where quality of life is maintained and population increase is accommodated without compromising lifestyle and employment opportunities.

Council is leading by example in implementing sustainable, climate-responsive design principles. Council's administrative and commercial operation buildings - Brisbane Square and Green Square are modern Green Star rated buildings suitable for Brisbane's subtropical climate.

Council staff are motivated, dynamic and passionate and now work across six divisions, four business units and 12 program areas to deliver the Living in Brisbane 2026. As an organisation we are committed to being future focused, outcome driven and strategically positioned to deliver benefit to the community. Reaching our vision through innovation is part of this. By fostering an innovative and creative workforce, we can develop faster, smarter and safer ways of providing our services. This will not only give us an edge in attracting and retaining quality employees, but also in delivering benefit
to our communities.