We’re committed to improving the quality and consistency of assessments and making certification quicker and less costly for Green Star users.

Improvements to Green Star certification

In response to industry feedback the GBCA undertook a review of the Green Star certification process. From this review, three key improvements to the certification process are being trialled and implemented.

  • Assessment Comment Structure - improved assessment comments to ensure points are awarded based on the project meeting the aim and intent of the credit.
  • Tiered Assessment - introduce a tiered assessment in line with certification best practice and other national and international certification schemes.
  • Project Team and Assessment Panel Interaction - allow greater interaction between the project team and nominated assessor(s).

For more information please download the Green Star Certification Process Review document.

Additional Improvements

Green Star 2014 certification improvement initiatives include:

Innovation acceleration

As we develop new rating tools, we’ll issue ‘Green Star Innovation Challenges’ to help direct your investment in innovation, find new solutions to existing and emerging sustainability issues and reward your efforts to transform the built environment. Discover our changes to the Innovation category

Delivering a quality service

We’re working towards achieving ISO 9001 certification for the GBCA which will give you confidence that we’re delivering a high quality service.


Trialling alternative assessment models

We’ll also be trialling alternative methods of assessment to increase the accessibility of Green Star and deliver a more flexible process. Over the coming year we’ll test volume certification, the pre-assessment of some documentation, and individual credit assessment.

Want to know more about how we’re improving the Green Star certification process? Please contact us!