180 Brisbane

The project at a glance

  • The first 6 Star Green Star - Office v3 building in Queensland
  • Four 'Innovation' category points awarded for unique transport and management initiatives
  • Real-time energy savings and transport information provided to building users

Project achievements

Located in Brisbane's CBD, 180 Brisbane is a shining example of practical sustainable design, innovative thinking and is Queensland's first 6 Star Green Star - Office Design v3 building.

Natural light, fresh air and city views, as well as control over individual workspace temperature and lighting, will maximise workplace productivity and minimise the fixed operating costs to tenants. Due for completion in 2015, Daisho Co. Ltd continues to aim high, targeting a 6 Star Green Star - As Built rating.

"Our vision is for 180 Brisbane to provide a new direction for smarter and more sustainable workplaces."

Kirk Muddle, Property Manager, Daisho Co. Ltd

Innovation - Real-time displays

Daisho describes 180 Brisbane as a 'future-focused building' - and the inclusion of real-time technology demonstrates this vision. The design was awarded two Green Star 'Innovation' points for the provision of real-time public transport (train, bus and ferry) information and building environmental performance information through dedicated foyer displays. The public transport information can also be made available for display within tenancies, via connection to the building's fibre optic system.

"Public transport delays are frustrating events and typical reasons why people decide to give up on using public transport. This initiative promotes the increased uptake of public transport for both building staff and visitors via highly visible and eye catching live displays."

Kirk Muddle, Property Manager, Daisho Co. Ltd

Innovation - Management

180 Brisbane achieved two Innovation points for management initiatives, highlighting the project team's commitment to stakeholder engagement and sustainable outcomes.

One Innovation point was awarded for increasing the building's 'maintainability', which was achieved by consulting with Daisho's facility manager on everything from schematic design to design development. This input informed the building's design, to ensure that technical solutions are easily maintained over the life of the building, and that the facility management team is suitably skilled to deliver the maintenance requirements.

"We committed to ongoing consultation with all stakeholders throughout the project to maximize the final outcome - a smart, sustainable building."

Anthony Marklund, ESD Principal, Floth


180 Brisbane was designed to achieve significant reductions in mains electricity consumption and peak demand, compared to a typical contemporary commercial building. Energy-saving features incorporated into the design included a 100kW roof-mounted photovoltaic array for zero carbon electricity, and a 1MW tri-generation system, which provides excellent peak demand reduction.

"We expect that the sustainable performance of 180 Brisbane will provide significant operating cost efficiencies, particularly with respect to energy and water consumption, as well as ensure a positive work environment to stimulate staff and maximise productivity."

Brett Boshard, Facilities Manager, Daisho Co. Ltd