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Round 2 submission and assessment

Round 2 Submission

Prepare Round 2 Submission

Upon receipt of the results of the Round 1 Assessment results, the project team is requested to resubmit documentation for credits 'to be confirmed'. Each project has only one opportunity for resubmission, which may include:

  • Additional/revised documentation to demonstrate fulfillment of Credit Criteria
  • Additional discussion explaining how project complies with Credit Criteria
  • Alteration to project design that results in meeting Credit Criteria

Round 2 Submission Requirements

The project team should:

  • Review the Certified Assessor(s) comments from the Round 1 Assessment and directly address them. In doing so ensure that the Green Star Credit Cover Sheet identifies the additional documentation provided.
  • Provide additional documentation for the credits to be confirmed as required. The layout of each credit and is as follows: Round 2 documentation (to address Round 1 comments), followed by the original Round 1 submission for the credit. Credits that have already been awarded in Round 1 do not need to be re-submitted, unless changes have been made affecting these credits.
  • Identify both in the General Section and on the Submission Credit Coversheet, if the project wishes to claim credits that were not claimed in Round 1.
  • In the General Section, clearly identify if there has been significant changes to the Design (from the Round 1 Assessment) which should be considered in the Round 2 assessment (e.g. change in NLA or GFA).

To ensure receipt of the Round 2 Assessment results within four (4) weeks of submission, the Project Contact must inform their GBCA Case Manager of the date of submission via the Submission Notification Form (as per Round 1).

The applicant must forward the completed Pre-Assessment Checklist and four (4) electronic copies of the submission to:
ATTN: Green Star Certification Team
Green Building Council of Australia
PO Box Q78, QVB, NSW 1230
GreenHouse, Level 15, 179 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Round 2 Assessment

Upon receipt of the Round 2 submission, the GBCA will conduct a Pre-Assessment Review. If unsuccessful, the submission will be returned to the project team with instructions for resubmission. If successful, an Assessment Panel will be formed.

Where possible, the Round 1 Assessment Panel will be reconvened for the Round 2 Assessment. Each Certified Assessor will review the entire submission in their own time and meet to discuss the results of their review. The Independent Chair mediates this discussion to ensure the assessment
process is followed and that all projects are assessed equitably. A GBCA representative (usually the GBCA Case Manager) will also be present during each Assessment to record the results.

Approximately 90% of projects achieve their desired Green Star Certified Rating during the Round 2 Assessment.

Please allow four (4) weeks after the GBCA receives the submission to receive the Round 2 Assessment results. The GBCA will forward the results of the Round 2 Assessment to the Applicant and Project Contact.