Recognised Providers

Green Star Recognised Providers are technical experts, with experience in delivering Green Star projects, or specific elements of Green Star projects. They are validated by the GBCA as proficient in meeting the criteria required for a Green Star project submission.





Before selecting a Recognised Provider we encourage you to review their Green Star experience in the GBCA Member Directory in relation to your specific project needs.


About Recognised Providers


Why have the GBCA introduced Recognised Providers?

The GBCA has introduced Recognised Provider status as part of the continuous improvement and evolution of the Green Star rating system. * Please note Recognised Provider is not available for PILOT rating tools.

Why should my company use a Recognised Provider?

The aim of Recognised Provider status is to make the Green Star process simpler, faster and more consistent. Recognised Providers are validated for their ability to consistently deliver Green Star points. In choosing a Recognised Provider, project teams gain increased confidence in the outcomes of their Green Star submissions.

Will the Recognised Provider status  ‘narrow the field’ and encourage projects to use the same companies rather than allowing competition?

No. Recognised Provider status is available to any organisation who can demonstrate experience in delivering a clear service towards an outcome and is designed to create competition and raise the standard of service in the industry. 

Recognised Provider is a mechanism for organisations to increase their profile, improve their knowledge, and address gaps in their quality assurance processes and is not an exclusive method for demonstrating compliance for a credit.

The validation process


How are Recognised Providers validated by the GBCA?

The GBCA verifies organisational policies and quality assurance procedures to ensure that Recognised Providers meet the required quality criteria – and they are audited regularly to confirm they continue to meet the criteria. Recognised Provider status can be revoked if organisations fail to meet the criteria set by the GBCA.

Can individuals receive Recognised Provider status, or just organisations?

Currently only organisations can achieve Recognised Provider status. Recognised Provider status relies on an organisation’s quality assurance processes to guarantee an outcome, rather than an individual's ability to deliver an outcome. This ensures that Recognised Provider status is not tied to a specific individual within an organisation, so if personnel change, the status can be retained. It’s only when the process changes that the recognised provider status may be lost.

As part of the quality assurance process, roles and capabilities are required to be described and checked by GBCA as demonstrating compliance. For example, a senior engineer with experience in energy modelling may be identified as the person responsible with final sign-off. Should that engineer leave, the organisation will need to seek a person with similar experience to keep their recognised provider status. If they are unable to fill the role with a person with similar experience, they would need to submit for an assessment of the changed position, or run the risk of losing their status.

Will the Recognised Provider status penalise sole traders ?

As part of the development of the program, a number of alternatives are being created to allow sole-traders who are in the space to also achieve recognition.

How to become a Recognised Provider


What are the steps to become a Recognised Provider?

Recognised Providers are required to undergo a validation process to verify their internal processes and procedures, as well as a regular audit process to ensure standards and maintained.

To be considered for validation, your company must:

  • Be a member of the GBCA

  • Have at least one Green Star Accredited Professional in each of your offices

  • Must be able to demonstrate your experience with Green Star.

The GBCA will assess each Recognised Provider application on a case-by-case basis.   

What are the fees associated with becoming a Recognised Provider?

Recognised Provider status lasts for three years. The fees cover administrative costs on the GBCA’s side to perform an audit and ensure status is maintained.

An organisation with Recognised Provider status will be able to reduce its involvement in putting together document-heavy submissions, and provide more value for their client. Therefore, any fees paid would effectively be recoverable through increased work, and increased value to the job.

Selecting a Recognised Provider


Which companies are Recognised Providers?

Recognised Providers are members of the GBCA, have been validated by the GBCA and can use a Recognised Provider logo to demonstrate this validation.

Are all Recognised Providers the same?

Recognised Providers are validated for their ability to consistently deliver Green Star points – but not all organisations are the same. They may have experience in just one area of Green Star project submissions or many areas. For example a Green Star Recognised Provider for energy modelling may not have expertise in ecological value or water management.

Where can I find a list of Recognised Providers?

Recognised Providers are listed below and will soon be displayed in the GBCA Member Directory. Before selecting a Recognised Provider we encourage you to review their Green Star experience in relation to your specific project needs.


Current Recognised Providers


Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Peak Electricity Demand Reduction

  Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Peak Electricity Demand Reduction
Thermal Comfort


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