Eligibility Requirements

Thank you for your interest in Green Star Certification! Below is some important information regarding Eligibility, however if you are new to Green Star please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Any new or existing building, new fitout, or master planned precinct can achieve a Green Star rating using our internationally recognised certification system. Eligibility for Green Star certification is based on the Green Star rating tool and project.

If you have checked the eligibility Criteria and you're still unsure whether your project is eligible, request an eligibility ruling from the GBCA online: project eligibility query.

Please note that registration does not guarantee assessment; no project will be assessed if it is deemed ineligible against the Eligibility Criteria current at the time of registration. The GBCA reserves the right to deny eligibility to assessment of any project that is deemed to compromise the Green Star brand, and to revise these criteria to better achieve the goals of the Green Star rating tools.

For Legacy Rating Tools (not available for registration)

Legacy rating tools are previous versions of Green Star rating tools that have been superseded by the release of Green Star - Design & As Built.

Registration under these rating tools closed in December 2015, new projects must register under the current versions of the Green Star rating tools.

Projects which have been previously registered or have been certified for a Design rating using a Legacy Rating Tool will still be able to register for an As Built rating, provided that the eligibility criteria is still met. Information on eligibility for legacy rating tools can be found here.