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Certification Fees

A certification fee* applies to projects pursuing Green Star assessment and certification. The certification fee schedule varies by whether its a building, fitout, or community and GBCA membership status. To receive the member rate the applicant company must be a member. To become a GBCA member please register your organisation.

Additional Fees

ItemFee (excl GST)
Credit Interpretation Request (CIR) $400 per query
Technical Clarification (TC) $100 per query

Credit-by-Credit Assessment

Ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 depending on credit being reviewed 
Licensing Agreement $800 per agreement
Novation Agreement $400 per agreement
Framed certificate $268.19 per framed certificate
* Things you need to know
  • Once a project is registered there is a no-refund policy.
  • Assessments will not be scheduled until payments for all project invoices have been received.
  • Items you receive as part of your certification fee are not transferable, exchangeable or refundable. All items are valid whist the project is registered. Once a project is certified any unused items are forfeited.

For Legacy Rating Tools (not available for registration) 

Legacy rating tools are previous versions of Green Star rating tools that have been superseded by the release of Green Star - Design & As Built.

Registration under these rating tools closed in December 2015, new projects must register under the current versions of the Green Star rating tools.

Projects which have been previously registered or have been certified for a Design rating using a Legacy Rating Tool will still be able to register for an As Built rating, provided that the eligibility criteria is still met.

Information on certification fees for legacy rating tools can be found here

Please note that the Additional Fees outlined above may also apply to projects that are registered under the Legacy Rating Tools.