Smart Cities - 2050 and beyond

Since the beginning of the industrial age, cities have always represented opportunity, yet it is clear that urban growth presents many challenges to urban planners, designers and administrators – particularly when it comes to transport, resources and waste. 2013 is the time to consider how we can develop ‘smarter’ cities, utilising new technology, more sustainable approaches to land use, resource management and population health and wellbeing.

In 2013, event partners the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and Consult Australia will bring you Smart Cities – 2050 and beyond – a series of breakfast events covering the key issues, challenges, ideas and solutions for the creation of smart cities for future generations of Australians.

The series begins with a half-day session that covers the key topics to be explored in-depth in subsequent breakfasts in the first half of 2013. Join us on Wednesday 3rd April 2013 as we explore global trends in sustainable city planning, the state and future of our own urban development industry, smart city metrics from transport to the digital economy, and how we can turn our largely individualist approach to urban planning to one of collective endeavour towards smarter, more connected cities - 2050 and beyond. Topics include:

  • Digital Economy
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Energy, Water & Waste
  • Knowledge Economy
Speakers include:
  • Dorte Eklund - Executive Director, Major Cities Unit, Infrastructure Australia
  • Michael Haines - Chief Executive, VANZI Ltd
  • Leif Hanlen - Health Director, NICTA
  • Andrew Purchas - Project Leader, Intelligent Fleet Logistics, NICTA
  • Neil Temperley - Future Logistics Living Lab, NICTA
  • Tim Williams - Chief Executive, Committee for Sydney
Facilitator: Megan Motto - Chief Executive, Consult Australia


  • Series Launch $145 per person
  • Breakfast Series Sessions: $88 per person
  • Series Launch + all five Breakfast Series Sessions: $545

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What’s next in the Smart Cities Series?

  • Digital Economy - Wednesday 1st May
  • Transport & Logistics - Wednesday 12th June
  • Health & Wellbeing - Wednesday 24th July
  • Energy, Water & Waste - Wednesday 14th August
  • Knowledge Economy - Wednesday 16th October

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5 Sustainable Development CPD point(s).


Radisson Blu
27 O'Connell Street
Sydney NSW 2000
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