Offsets in the property sector: how do we ensure their integrity?

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Nature-based offsets can be a useful tool for Australian property companies to help limit global warming. However, the offset market can be complex to navigate, and its integrity has been questioned.

As an industry, how do we make informed decisions on when to use offsets? And if we decide to use nature-based offsets, how do we select credible offset programs?

The Property Council of Australia and Green Building Council of Australia  have developed a framework for the environmental integrity of offsets in the property sector. This webinar will launch the framework,  which is called ‘’Carbon Offsets, last but not later: A framework for the environmental integrity of offsets in the property sector’’,  The framework takes a last, but not later approach, where offsets are applied last in the sequence of carbon mitigation, but not delayed because of the complexities in determining offset integrity. 

Our speakers will guide you through the framework principles and will share the best methods to evaluate and verify the authenticity and effectiveness of carbon offsets.

This session will explore:
The role of offsets in net zero
How to develop an offset strategy
How do conduct due diligence in offsets
How to maintain offset quality
The future of offsets

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