Insights into biophilic design

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Biophilic design uses the principles of biophilia to incorporate elements of nature into built environments.  By bringing natural elements into interior spaces and mimicking natural patterns, biophilic design allows the natural world to dictate the aesthetic. But how does using biophilic design methods result in environmental, economic health benefits?  How can biophilic design be incorporated into regenerative design and ultimately improve the connection of the built environment and nature?

Join our webinar to hear from leaders in this field.  Bring your questions to them, and explore themes including:

Lessons from case studies and practical examples
How does biophilic design improve biodiversity outcomes?
How does it improve human health outcomes such as in increased productivity and reduced stress?
Features of spaces that help reduce a project’s carbon footprint and regulate building temperature
The role of biophilic design in regenerative design for buildings, cities and regions

Speakers including:

Mary Casey, Principal, Integral Group

Sacha Coles, Director – Design and Strategy, ASPECT Studios

Suzie Barnett, CEO, Junglefy

Nick Baker, Green Star Special Projects Lead, Green Building Council of Australia

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