Insights into sustainable water management

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Our cities generate enormous volumes of stormwater, which has significant environmental consequences for the waterways. If not managed properly, it can cause flooding and infrastructure damage. There are many ways of harvesting and utilizing stormwater, but what are the best practices and limitations and how can we overcome them?

In this session we provide an outlook of the current challenges, opportunities and potential pathways for the water and property sectors to increase collaboration and effective planning and water management. We will take a closer look at the  recycled water treatment plant in a residential building, which is treating 100% of sewage from the site, and meeting 100% of non-potable water needs. We will also hear a case study of  Fishermans Bend - a sustainable water sensitive city and Central Park Precinct's recycled water treatment plant.

Join our experts as they take a holistic look at the whole water cycle, and what are the most effective ways of managing water resources for your assets and precincts.

Join our experts and hear about:

Best practice techniques for sustainable water management
How to work collectively to minimize the negative impacts of stormwater and improve the ecology and local waterways?
How to effectively design and manage wastewater recycle systems and significantly reduce the amount of portable water
Practicalities around wastewater treatment systems- costs of implementing and maintaining

Session speakers:

Ian Adams, Director, Organica Engineering
Brad Dalrymple, Principal Environmental Engineer, Ocean Protect
Katie Fallowfield, Director of Sustainability, WSP
Todd Berry, Senior Project Manager, Fishermans Bend Taskforce, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
Nadia Barbov, Technical Specialist, Green Building Council of Australia

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