Building with Nature: Prioritising Ecology and Biodiversity

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Building on the recent GBCA paper “Building with Nature: Prioritising ecology and biodiversity for better buildings and cities” this presentation will provide you with an introduction to the importance of healthy ecosystems as part of commercial and urban property development. Focussing on both product and place, the session will be used to explore current methods and tools for supporting the re-introduction of biodiversity into healthy urban environments.

Founded in 2006, The Biodiversity Consultancy (TBC) has become the key player in the world of business and biodiversity through its practical and rigorous approach. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with a growing global presence, the consultancy links and works across the academic, NGO, private and public sectors. From this unique perspective, TBC offers a resource for problem solving and a platform for cross-sector engagement.

Key learning points:

Learn how to measure the biodiversity impact of your project through effective science-based targets.
Gain an overview of key environmental stewardship standards as they apply to built products.
Explore possible changes to Green Star to better accommodate the role of biodiversity and ecological value in the built environment.
Understand how you can contribute to changing emerging urban landscapes to serve as connected healthy ecosystems.
Explore new technologies, design and construction practices that value biodiversity throughout life of project.
About the presenter:

Guy Williams works as a Senior Principal Consultant with TBC in biodiversity related aspects of environmental impact assessment and corporate sustainability.

Guy’s projects have taken him throughout Australia and Asia-Pacific, including Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Lao, Thailand, Philippines, and Papua New Guinea. He has led and been involved in reviewing projects and program against IFC Performance Standards, the Equator Principles, and various climate change and product stewardship standards. His sector experience includes infrastructure (transport, power, and property), mining, oil and gas, and agro-forestry (oil palm, coffee, timber).

In addition to TBC projects, Guy maintains an ongoing research interest in community lead forest conservation, and the use of film, storytelling and digital media to support effective conservation strategies.

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