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Case Studies
Module Details
Career Journeys Insights From Leading Professionals
Learning from those already excelling in our industry is a great way to gain valuable insights for your own career. Whether just starting out or a few years into the industry, knowing which path to take and the direction different...
$78.00 No Points 75 mins
Exploring Cop 26 And Its Impact For The Built Environment Session 2
COP26 and the Cities, Regions and Built Environment Day, on the 11 November, marks an exciting move within sustainability and a focus upon the role our industry plays.  In recognition of the significance of this event,  the GBCA is excited...
$30.00 No Points 60 mins
Exploring Cop 26 And Its Impact For The Built Environment - Session 1
Our first webinar will set the scene for what we hope to see at COP26 and the potential to accelerate our climate positive future.  We will examine the role and importance of the built environment and what needs to change....
$30.00 No Points 90 mins
Innovation In Well - Learning From Recent Projects
The WELL Building Standard global rating system for healthy buildings has exploded in Australia in the last four years, with about 10 per cent of the total occupied office footprint now registered or certified. With WELL v2, the program has...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Lot Fourteen
Lot Fourteen, situated at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) site in South Australia, is being transformed into a global innovation neighbourhood of entrepreneurship, research collaboration and cultural activity. With existing heritage listed buildings, new centres of excellence including the...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Embedding Sustainability In Aged Care
To incorporate and embed sustainability, aged care organisations need to take a long-term view towards managing their environmental and social risks as well as impacts. The foundation in supporting the business case for sustainability in aged care can be categorised...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 55 mins
St Benedicts School Pathway To 6 Star Innovation
Deep dive with experts Liam Murray (Building-Performance, Director) and Tony Madden (Tony Madden Architects, Director) The webinar will examine: - Why Green Star and details of the pathway the school took to develop the school to 6 star standard – Tony Madden - Sustainable...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 50 mins
A Case Study Of Barrack Place
Barrack Place, 151 Clarence Street is Sydney CBD’s newest A Grade commercial development. Arup was the multi-disciplinary base building engineer and anchor tenant for Barrack Place creating a unique opportunity to integrate Arup’s own aspirations for their new home as...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 59 mins
The Sunshine Coast University Hospital Air Tightness Journey
The Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) is the largest public healthcare facility in Australia to earn a 6 star Green Star Healthcare v1 Design and As-Built ratings. Jeremy Mansfield will share the story of the project team who achieved successful air...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 39 mins
Younghusband Woolstore Redevelopment
Join James Fitzgerald, Development Manager at Impact Investment Group, to learn about the inspiring Younghusband rejuvenation project in Kensington, Melbourne. After 25 King in Brisbane and Central Park in Sydney, Impact Investment Group is developing the Younghusband industrial village to include...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 39 mins
Lendlease Appfc Portfolio Upgrade
In 2018, Lendlease and JLL are celebrating a 20-year partnership in the management of assets within the Australian Prime Property Fund (APPF) Portfolio. The crown jewel of this successful venture is the APPF Commercial Portfolio. This has been described as...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 47 mins
Breaking New Ground On Interiors Case Study Of Swiss Res Move To Barangaroo
When Swiss Re decided to move to level 36 of Tower Two at International Towers in Sydney’s Barangaroo, they wanted the most sustainable fitout they could achieve. As one of the earlier fitouts to target the new generation of Green...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 66 mins
From Ice Cream To Regeneration Dream A Case Study Of West Village
The $1 billion West Village project is transforming a 2.6ha former industrial precinct in Brisbane into a vibrant new community. Developed by Sekisui House Australia, the project recently received a 6-Star Green Star Communities rating. The precinct was the site of...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Examining Passive House
How can we bridge the performance gap between the design of buildings and what is built? This is a question at the heart of the Passive House methodology. Passive House is an integrated design process delivering very high energy efficiency and...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 54 mins
Level Crossing Removal Project
This webinar presents a case study on the Furlong Main Blackburn Heatherdale Level Crossing Removal Project in Victoria. Speakers: Byron Davy CPB Contractors
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 53 mins
Melbourne International Roro And Automotive Terminal
This webinar unpacks the key sustainability features of the Melbourne International RoRo and Automotive Terminal (MIRRAT). Speakers: Byron Davy Senior Sustainability Advisor, CPD Contractors
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 33 mins
Ginninderry - Building A Sustainable Community
Join Jessica Stewart, Sustainability Manager at Ginninderry to learn about how Ginninderry has used Green Star - Communities to strengthen its Sustainability Vision.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 44 mins
Heritage Can Be Sustainable - Case Study Of The Old Perth Boys School
You'll hear from the sustainability experts and consultants who worked on the project as they unveil the project's key sustainability features, such as energy efficiency, reducing water consumption and acoustics.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 59 mins
Regeneration Of A Sydney Icon - 5 Martin Place
At the recent PCA Innovation and Excellence Awards the regenerated 5 Martin Place was awarded the Clean Energy Finance award for best sustainable development, SAS International award for best office development, and overall gong for 2017 RLB Australian development of...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 50 mins
Bowdens Green Star Communities Rating
Do you have the option to walk and ride to work with ease and why is this an important question to ask yourself? We'll explore this and more in a webinar with Renewal SA Manager Sustainability, Project Delivery Andrew Bishop as...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 102 mins
Melton Library Learning Hub
Libraries are the heart of communities. Aside from promoting lifelong learning with flexible working spaces, the latest in technology is accessible to everyone. So why aren't councils investing in sustainability features for libraries? Find out when Leigh Ryall hosts a webinar unpacking...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 101 mins
Inside The Pixel Building
What scored Melbourne's Pixel Building a 100-point score and an extra five points for innovation? 10 years after its construction and Green Star certification, Dylan will discuss how the office space is performing and discover its most impactful sustainability initiatives.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 57 mins
Green Star
Module Details
Nature Roadmap For The Built Environment Discussion Paper Briefing
Green Building Council of Australia is developing a Nature Roadmap to direct the built environment sector towards generating places that actively contribute to the enhancement of nature and biodiversity. Our next step in that journey is releasing this nature roadmap for...
Free No Points 60 mins
Green Star Performance V2 Update
This webinar is aimed at portfolio owners and project teams working on Green Star Performance v1.2 and looking to transition to Green Star Performance v2 by 2026. At this webinar, you will get an update from GBCA on Green Star Performance...
Free 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Explore The New Responsible Products Calculator And Database
Launching in October 2023, the Responsible Products Calculator and Database is an online tool for project teams to determine compliance with the Responsible Products credits (Responsible Structure, Envelope, Systems and Finishes) under Buildings v1. Behind the calculator is a database, containing...
Free No Points 60 mins
Green Star Fitouts - Scoping Consultation Paper Update
The challenge is clear - World-leading fitouts must be designed and built to be as close to fully circular as possible. As our built environment continues to grow, so does the need for healthy, resilient and positive fitouts inside our buildings...
Free No Points 60 mins
Insights Into Commissioning For Air Tightness In Green Star Buildings
Air-tightness was first introduced in Green Star - Design & As-Built as an innovation challenge in 2014 with different level of targets, demonstrating best practice.  With the introduction of Green Star Buildings, air-tightness is now introduced as a Minimum Expectation...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Green Star Communities V2 People And Nature Categories
This final webinar in the series provides an outline of the People and Nature categories. The People category Ensures a broad range of groups are included in the design and delivery of the precinct, and it is welcoming and supporting...
Free No Points 60 mins
Green Star Communities V2 Places And Healthy Categories
Join us for a series of webinars running weekly from 26 June to 17 July 2023 detailing the consultation process, the new rating tool framework, and a deep dive on each of the categories out for consultation. See below for...
Free No Points 50 mins
Green Star Communities V2 Resilient And Positive Categories
Webinar 2: Resilient and Positive categories Green Star Communities v2 is a significant update to our rating tool for master planned precincts. Tackling rising issues of climate action, equity inclusion, affordable housing and resilience, the updated rating tool addresses this through...
Free No Points 50 mins
Green Star Communities V2 The Proposed Rating Tool Andresponsible Category
Webinar 1:The proposed rating tool and Responsible category  Green Star Communities v2 is a significant update to our rating tool for master planned precincts. Tackling rising issues of climate action, equity inclusion, affordable housing and resilience, the updated rating tool addresses this...
Free No Points 60 mins
Green Star Performance V2 Technical Release
Important updates to the Green Star Performance tool  The Green Building Council of Australia’s new Green Star Performance tool is almost ready to help you to set your existing building on the trajectory to net zero. Green Star Performance v2 introduces a...
$30.00 1 CPD Point(s) 30 mins
Transitioning To Green Star Buildings
Green Star Buildings sets out the criteria that must be met to deliver healthy, resilient, and positive places for people and nature. It aims to meet current and future demands on the built environment with aspirational benchmarks for addressing the...
$30.00 1 CPD Point(s) 70 mins
Green Star Performance Briefing - Resilient Nature Categories
Briefing on the Resilient and Nature credits
Free No Points 33 mins
Green Star Performance Briefing - Positive Leadership Categories
Green Star Performance briefing
Free No Points 52 mins
Green Star Performance Briefing - Healthy People Categories
Public consultation
Free No Points 38 mins
Climate Active Carbon Neutral Building Certification Training
Interested to understand how to obtain Climate Active Carbon Neutral Building certification via Green Star - Performance? Then this short 21min training video is for you! In this certification training module you will: Explore opportunities for marketing your project's Climate Active Carbon...
Free No Points 21 mins
Insights Into The Responsible Products Framework
The buildings materials sector is the next step in decarbonising our economy. Our climate crises demands that we help drive the supply chain to healthy, zero carbon, low impact materials ready for a circular economy. But what does this mean...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Green Star Performance Briefing - Responsible Places Categories
Consultation on the Responsible and Places credits is now closed.
Free No Points 56 mins
Insights Into Green Star And Universities
The university and education sector has shown real leadership and excellence in achieving sustainable built environments for their students and communities.  In this webinar, we will share leading case studies which include fascinating innovations such as dynamic digital media façade...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Exploring The Upcoming Release Of Green Star Online
We are excited to share the next step of the Green Star Online platform for Buildings.  Join us to see a demonstration of the platform before its formal release and hear as we also touch on our product roadmap for...
$30.00 No Points 60 mins
Resilience In The Built Environment Launching Our Thought Leadership Paper
In the lead up to World Green Building Week and the theme of #BuildingResilience we are excited to share our latest thought leadership paper – Resilience in the built environment. We are also thrilled to have Zali Steggall MP joining...
$30.00 No Points 60 mins
Green Star Digital Strategy
Hear more about the calculators and overall plan for the digitization of Green Star. During the webinar you will hear from the following Green Building Council staff and partners: Stephen Thatcher, Head of Finance and Operations at the GBCA, who will...
Free No Points 60 mins
Insights Into Green Star For Government
From business case to implementation, how are government projects using Green Star and how is it being applied to major projects?  In this exclusive session you will have the opportunity to hear government leaders share their expertise and learnings on how they have embedded the...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Circular Economy
The circular economy presents an opportunity to design out waste, keep materials in use, regenerate systems and deliver positive social and environmental impact. This Insights session, developed in partnership with Edge Environment, Circle Economy in the Netherlands, and Mirvac, will address how to develop a circular economy strategy, illustrated with European...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Positive Homes That Are Net Zero In Energy
On average, Australian families spend 90% of their time indoors, with two thirds of this at home. So it’s not surprising to hear that 57% of Australia’s built environment emissions come from our homes. If we are serious about limiting...
$30.00 No Points 60 mins
Future Proofing Homes The Resilient Category
Global climate change is affecting all facets of life and many of these impacts are being felt today. Increased frequency and intensity of natural disasters such as bushfire, flooding and extreme heat, detrimentally affect our built environment, including our homes....
$30.00 No Points 60 mins
Career Journeys With Green Star Champions
In June we announced our 2020 Green Star Champions, a new GBCA award, recognising the vision, passion and commitment of leaders across our industry who work tirelessly to deliver a more sustainable built environment using our Green Star certification program. Our...
$30.00 No Points 90 mins
Creating Homes That Are Better For You The Healthy Category
The Green Star Homes Standard aims to create healthy, resilient and net zero energy homes for all Australians.  What does it mean to create a healthy home and what are the requirements of the Standard to help demonstrate this? As recent...
$30.00 No Points 60 mins
Introduction To The Green Star Homes Draft Standard
Australia’s population is set to continue growing to 31 million people by 2030, which means an additional 197,000 new homes will need to be constructed per year. Our homes are where we spend two thirds of our time, so it’s not...
$30.00 No Points 60 mins
Exploring Green Star For Performance
Green Star for Performance builds on the success of Green Star in building operations. It aims to meet the megatrends of the future, create a more approachable framework for communicating achievements, as well as set a pathway for net zero...
$30.00 No Points 60 mins
Reflections From Future Focus Pilot Projects
Contributing to the development of the Green Star Buildings rating tool In 2018, we embarked on an ambitious journey to reshape the Green Star rating system. This session will provide an update on the future focus project, share the work that...
$77.27 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Green Star In Focus Industrial
Join us online as we share our new report Green Star in focus: Industrial, released jointly by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC). This work warns of the increasing risk of significant...
$30.00 No Points 60 mins
A Strategy For Future Homes - A Plan For Improving The Residential Sector
The residential sector accounts for 57% of Australia’s built environment emissions. Our home influences almost every aspect of our lives. Most Australians rely on the regulation to ensure that housing is affordable, high quality, and liveable. But regulation isn’t delivering,...
Free No Points 60 mins
Whats New In Green Star - Design As Built And Interiors V13
Green Star – Design & As Built and Green Star – Interiors have been released in response to the updates in Section J NCC 2019. This version of Section J is the biggest upgrade that has been seen since its...
Free No Points 50 mins
What Do Best Practice Green Star Submissions Look Like
GBCA Senior Manager – Green Star Solutions, Nicole Sullivan, shares her tips and tricks for submitting a best practice Green Star submission. Nicole will run through the 7 “C”s to get your submission certified. Some advice to start with: - Know your Submission...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 43 mins
Industry Standards
Module Details
Proposed Changes To The Next Edition Of The National Construction Code
This session offers an overview of proposed changes to the next edition of the National Construction Code. The National Construction Code sets the minimum required level for the safety, health, amenity, accessibility and sustainability of buildings. Between 1 May and 1...
Free No Points 60 mins
Insights Into Green Star And Healthcare
The case for sustainable healthcare has never been stronger and the triple bottom line benefits of green certified facilities are clear.  From improved patient outcomes, better productivity and reduced energy costs,  demand for sustainability is increasing from both internal and...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Offsets In The Property Sector How Do We Ensure Their Integrity
Nature-based offsets can be a useful tool for Australian property companies to help limit global warming. However, the offset market can be complex to navigate, and its integrity has been questioned. As an industry, how do we make informed decisions on...
Free 1 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Inclusive Construction
This webinar takes a closer look at the guidelines, examining why inclusivity is important, how it can be achieved and - importantly - how sites and managers can measure the success of their programs to ensure credits in the Green...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Sustainable Water Management
Our cities generate enormous volumes of stormwater, which has significant environmental consequences for the waterways. If not managed properly, it can cause flooding and infrastructure damage. There are many ways of harvesting and utilizing stormwater, but what are the best...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Sustainable Digitalisation
Digital technologies help us to act faster and more effectively when battling sustainability issues, such as reducing the impacts of climate change to improving our cities for wellbeing and safety. But they also present serious risks and trade-offs that we...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Healthy Buildings
The pandemic has forced us to be indoors more than ever, giving an even greater focus on health and wellbeing.  How do we, in the built environment, ensure the spaces where people live and work are healthy and safe?  As...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Build To Rent 2021
The build-to-rent sector is going through unprecedented growth in Australia with a huge number of projects being planned or set to start construction in the next year. This new class of housing is focused on providing high quality, purpose designed...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Operational Waste Management
Waste separation practices and data collection techniques are developing to provide solutions that improve our waste management and recovery rates.  Join the Insights into operational waste management webinar to hear how the NABERS Waste rating is raising industry standards and pushing...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Building Envelope And Energy Performance
This Insights webinar will feature industry case studies and discuss how the National Construction Code 2019 will support improved energy efficiency in buildings and air tightness. Through insights from projects the presenters will discuss integrated design and digital tools, thermal...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 93 mins
Insights Into Responsible Products
Insights into Responsible Products will tackle the challenges of trust, transparency and certainty during the product and material selection process. This insights series webinar follows on from our Responsible Products and Materials seminar to further address the complexity of product certifications...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Air Tightness For Best Results Go Back In Time
The commissioning process is about quality control. Unfortunately if it's done too late, you miss the biggest opportunities. Focusing on the right stages of the process will get the biggest returns on investment. Air tightness testing is promoted by Green...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Tackling The Sdgs In The Built Environment
Sustainable development holds the promise that we leave future generations with a world better than today’s. Australia has committed to the Sustainable Development Goals which we use to track our progress. This webinar will outline Australia’s progress against the Sustainable Development...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 54 mins
Living Building Challenge Green Star
The Living Building Challenge is the built environment's most rigorous performance standard. It calls for the creation of building projects at all scales that operate as cleanly, beautifully and efficiently as nature's architecture. To be certified under the challenge, projects must...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 36 mins
Social Sustainability
Module Details
Future Transport
This breakout will examine the opportunities for transport as well as the momentum for EV takeup. This session will look at impacts and patterns of future mobility and the considerations needed to support the drivers for change. 1:30 PM...
$125.00 2 CPD Point(s) 120 mins
Designing For Inclusion And Wellbeing
Future design plans need to consider how buildings and places are used and inhabited by all. From gendered spaces to neurodivergent design thinking, this breakout will look at strategies we can employ to create spaces built for equitable usage. 10:00 AM...
$125.00 2 CPD Point(s) 120 mins
Placemaking And Precincts
The notion of placemaking has shifted considerably in the last decade, shifting from a largely artistic-based plan to one that encompasses all levels of precinct and community design. This breakout will explore what placemaking means today through lenses including equitable...
$125.00 2 CPD Point(s) 120 mins
Insights Into Inclusive Construction And Implementing Strategies On Site
The new Green Star Buildings Tool aims to tackle inclusivity on construction sites by introducing ratings that are designed to drive diversity, safety and wellbeing. However, while large companies are making policies to address these issues, it can be difficult...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 150 mins
Insights Into Working With Community And Country
As professionals working in the built environment, we have a collective responsibility to care for Country and create spaces that are inclusive and respectful of the land, communities and history of the sites we are on. While efforts around co-design...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Social Value 2023
Social value is more important than ever and the built environment has an imperative part to play. From examining our supply chains, to measuring building outcomes, it’s essential that we deeply consider the people, places and communities our buildings interact...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Staying Strong During Covid-19 And Beyond
The emergence of the Delta strain of COVID-19 has changed the level of risk to the Australian community and increased the challenges in containing the spread of the virus. Until Australia reaches 70%+ vaccination rates extended lockdowns and other existing...
Free No Points 60 mins
Insights Into Social Procurement And Workforce
The Green Star Buildings rating tool is bringing a new social dimension to the design and construction of buildings, driving the creation of places with people as the focus. The People category introduces social procurement and workforce targets for disadvantaged...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Social Value
In Insights into Social Value, we will consider what social value is and why it is becoming increasingly important. How do you measure the social impact of your work? What role does this have in decision making? Our speakers will...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 123 mins
Community Development The People Perspective
What is community development? Community Development is never, ever ‘done’. It is a living, breathing, changing contextual space that is as varied as the community it embraces. It is acutely dependant on motivated leaders and participants acting in a way that...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Why Community Resilience Matters From Extreme Events To Everyday Stresses
When Hurricane Sandy devastated New York City in 2012 a large proportion of the 53 people who died were not standing on the edge of the shore but were isolated in rooms and basements where no one checked in on...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 59 mins
Community Engagement
What makes a community sustainable? Is it just about environmental qualities, or does social value and connectedness ensure its longevity? Explore these questions during a webinar - Getting the most out of Community Engagement - hosted by Frasers Property Australia's Karen...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 35 mins
Energy & Carbon
Module Details
Insights Into Costing Lowered Embodied Carbon
Reducing embodied carbon is one of the biggest challenges facing the built environment sector. But as we move towards net zero goals, how do we consider the carbon cost on a project from the outset? Join us for this webinar in...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 190 mins
Demand Load And The Energy Landscape
The race to transition to renewables presents new opportunities and sustainability considerations for the built environment. This breakout will look at the shifting demands of the energy landscape and emerging challenges and opporunities. 1:30 PM - Chair's introduction 1:35 PM -...
$125.00 2 CPD Point(s) 120 mins
Insights Into Green Star And Industrial
Industrial buildings represent one of the fastest growing sectors of the built environment and within this surge, the demand for 5 and 6 Green Star rated projects is also increasing. However, with a reliance on high embodied carbon materials and...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Solar And Storage Opportunities
As the world continues to transition towards cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy, innovation in solar provides new opportunities for energy storage and distribution. Join us for this interactive session as our experts unpack the opportunities that solar and storage...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Boosting Circular Economy Opportunities In The Built Environment
Circular Economy in South Australia’s Built Environment: Action Plan was launched in June 2023. It identifies actions that government, industry, the education sector and other stakeholders can work on together to set the state on the path toward a thriving...
Free No Points 60 mins
Insights Into Climate Change Resilience In The Built Environment
The impacts of climate change are already upon us and a resilient built environment is critical if we are to face the mounting challenges and thrive.  But how can practitioners continue to examine new ways of increasing resilience?  And how...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Nabers Embodied Emissions Public Consultation
NABERS Embodied Emissions Public Consultation We know that Australia currently has no consistent method of measurement for embodied emissions. Over the last 12 months, NABERS has worked in partnership with the GBCA and collaborated with industry and governments across Australia to...
Free No Points 60 mins
Costing A Reduction Of Embodied Carbon Into Projects - Moving Towards Net Zero
As we move towards net zero together, it is imperative for asset owners, architects, quantity surveying professionals, contractors, and manufacturers to focus on ways to reduce embodied carbon whilst maintaining carbon budgets.
$94.55 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
The Triple Bottom Line Of Mass Timber And Clt
Material selection is just one of the ways we can accelerate the built environment’s contribution to net zero and is a critical factor when imagining the buildings of tomorrow. This series will put the spotlight on different materials which are...
$95.00 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
A Practical Guide To Electrification For Existing Buildings Launch Webinar
Climate change, health and wellbeing, natural resource depletion, consumer preferences, investor demand - these are key issues that are impacting how we operate and upgrade existing buildings in our towns and cities. A key challenge across all of them is how...
Free No Points 60 mins
Insights Into Innovations In Energy Storage
With Australia’s transition to clean power and to meet the target of net-zero emissions, immediate action to reduce energy use and move to renewable sources is required. The transition will not only change how our industry operates but also the...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
A Climate Positive Roadmap For Precincts
Urban development sets the scene for carbon impacts for generations. Early decisions impact long-term transport, buildings, water, and waste infrastructure emissions.   Precinct developments create exciting opportunities for carbon reductions by linking together planning, urban design, buildings, transport, and infrastructure. These are often championed...
$30.00 No Points 60 mins
Insights Into Upfront Carbon In Construction
Join us for yet another insightful and real projects based discussion on the importance of tackling the upfront carbon in construction. Experts from four different parts of the industry will shed a light on the challenges and opportunities they face...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Embodied Carbon Embodied Energy In Australias Buildings
GBCA is excited to be hosting the launch of the report, ‘Embodied Carbon & Embodied Energy in Australia's Buildings’, developed in collaboration with thinkstep-ANZ. In addition to operational emissions, embodied carbon (emissions associated with manufacturing of materials and construction processes throughout...
Free No Points 60 mins
Insights Into Ppas
There has been huge growth in corporate Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs) in the last three years, leading to over $2.4 billion in investment in wind and solar. But what makes a good PPA and how can they be used to...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Electric Vehicles In The Built Environment
With the Australian Government putting millions of dollars towards adoption of electric vehicles there is no doubt that the complete take-up of emissions-free vehicles across our communities is only a few years away.   View this online session to examine the...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Solar And Storage
What is the state of play for storage and solar in the current market? Batteries and other operational storage options are available, but how are they being applied? What are the results and the financial implications?   Join our experts to examine what solar and...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Circular Energy
Leveraging the benefits of embedded networks Embedded networks are becoming a commonly used feature of our energy systems. In this Insights session we’ll explore why their applications are increasing, how they are integrated in a range of projects, opportunities for the built environment, and the benefits for customers.  We will cover: outlook:...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Distributed Energy
Distributed energy solutions are playing a key role in supporting the transition of our electricity grids to renewable energy. How can your project, development or operation best benefit and support this transition? How can we ensure the energy transition to...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Towards Lower Carbon Concrete
The development of the first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for ready-mix concrete was the missing link for the Australian building and construction industry. Join this upcoming live webinar with Holcim’s National Development & Sustainability Manager Cyril Giraud and Environment Manager...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Energy Efficiency Understanding Section J And Ncc 2019 Changes
This webinar will cover changes to the National Construction Code (NCC), with a special focus on Section J which sets out the requirements for energy efficiency of buildings. NCC 2019 introduced a direct reference to thermal bridging for the first...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 54 mins
Getting Electric Vehicle Ready
With electric vehicles heading for mainstream adoption in Australia over the coming years, the question of preparing our built environment to support electric vehicle charging in the future is highly topical. In multi-residential and commercial structures in particular, there’s...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 59 mins
Comparative Energy Efficiency Outcomes Of Key Hvac Systems A World-first Study
The webinar will present the key objectives, dynamic simulation parameters, process and outcomes of this unique study. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and participate in the discussions. The study has relevance to all associated with the built...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 62 mins
The Energy Internet - Distributed Generation And Blockchain
How distributed generation and blockchain are transforming legacy power networks into community owned economic engines Our energy networks are a work in progress. We are now seeing the accelerated uptake of distributed generation, storage and blockchain applications transforming legacy electricity networks...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 42 mins
Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront
WorldGBC, in partnership with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, are releasing a report calling for urgent and co-ordinated action to tackle global embodied carbon emissions from the building and construction sector. GBCA has been a proud participant in the development...
Free No Points 55 mins
Environmental Product Declarations And Embodied Carbon
The World Green Building Council will release an embodied carbon “call to action” report in September this year. Over 490 architectural practices in the UK have recently signed a Climate & Biodiversity Emergency Declaration which includes a strong commitment to...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 50 mins
Built To Perform An Industry Led Pathway To A Zero Carbon Ready Building Code
As the 2019 National Construction Code changes are being finalised, this presentation will provide you with a long term perspective on the crucial importance of energy standard requirements. ClimateWorks Australia will present findings from a research-industry collaboration, jointly managed with ASBEC...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 55 mins
Electric Vehicles Preparing For The Future Built Environment
Board member of the Electric Vehicle Council and Founder of JET Charge, Tim Washington will host a webinar discussing the state of Electric Vehicles in Australia and what it means for the built environment. Key topics to be covered are: What is...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
An Overview Of Our Carbon Positive Roadmap
The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has released 'A Carbon Positive Roadmap for the Built Environment', a discussion paper which establishes the steps required for commercial, institutional and government buildings and fitouts to decarbonise on a 1.5 degree trajectory. The...
Free No Points 55 mins
Offsets Fundamentals For The Building Industry
The launch of the National Carbon Offset Standard for Buildings offers the building industry a clear scope and cost effective process to gain independent certification for carbon neutral buildings. This webinar will unpack the fundamentals of offsets and how they play...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 55 mins
Wwf Renewable Energy Aggregation Program
Learn how an aggregation program can be integrated into, and benefit sustainable property. This innovative program aims to further the expansion of renewable energy projects in Australia by aggregating creditworthy energy users (participants) into a large utility-scale volume, driving the market...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 35 mins
Module Details
Insights Into How Smart Buildings Are Improving Sustainability Outcomes
The way in which buildings are connecting with smart technology is evolving faster than ever before. Smart buildings are now enabling a better long-term understanding of the relationship between the built environment and its occupants.  How can smart technology help...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Build To Rent
Join our experts as we hear insights from projects and those involved at the forefront of this sector. Learn from the latest developments and examine what is on the horizon.
$78.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Achieving Sustainable Development Through Local Planning
Ensuring more sustainable outcomes are achieved through planning is a fantastic opportunity for councils to deliver positive impact at scale, but it is also challenging given the limitations in the planning systems that local councils work within.  GBCA and PIA are...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Biophilic Design
Biophilic design uses the principles of biophilia to incorporate elements of nature into built environments.  By bringing natural elements into interior spaces and mimicking natural patterns, biophilic design allows the natural world to dictate the aesthetic. But how does using...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Smart Buildings And Occupant Benefits
The way in which buildings are connecting with smart technology is evolving faster than ever before. Alongside the recent spotlight on tenant wellbeing, we have also seen a momentous shift in the focus on sustainable living and working.   Operationally, buildings...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Activating Ai For Building Optimisation
With our phones able to recognise our friend’s faces in photos, predict how long it will take us to get home or what I might like for dinner, how come my building can't tell when the heating is broken before I...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Future Mobility
We are in a heavily speculative environment for those trying to understand future mobility. While we are witnessing dramatic changes in vehicle and transportation technologies available, as well as applications creating entirely new models of moving and owning transport, we...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Smart Buildings
Smarter technologies are key to a more sustainable data driven built environment. But how do we take advantage of today’s innovations to create more efficient and sustainable projects? Join our experts who will cover: Ways of creating more engaging and comfortable built...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Sustainable Retrofits And Renovations
Buildings are responsible for one quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions and with existing buildings making up the largest proportion of our building stock, it’s critical we also focus on them as we decarbonise the built environment. In this session...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Inclusive Design
The built environment can contribute to a more equal and inclusive society if the places where we live and work, the facilities we use and our neighbourhoods are designed to be accessible and inclusive. But how can we improve how...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Placemaking
Delivering authentic, inclusive, and enjoyable places for people  What are the strategies you can use to support authentic engagement and long-term community building? How can buildings and precincts best respond to local environmental and social needs? What role can buildings play in shaping places?   Placemaking and...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Insights Into Ieq
Indoor air quality is an essential feature of a healthy, resilient and sustainable building, but what are some of the most challenging technical indicators and common mistakes? And what do the Green Star credits intend to achieve? Join our Insights session...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Leading On Indigenous Design
As part of a vision for reconciliation, organisations need to create equitable, inclusive and sustainable societies for today and future generations.  In Australia, all projects exist on a First Nations country and there is a need to seek to connect the...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Tall Buildings Sustainable Design
Philip Oldfield, Associate Professor of Architecture at UNSW Sydney, shares insights on the sustainable performance of tall buildings, and strategies to reduce their carbon footprint. Tall buildings are a divisive building type. There are many who think they are inherently unsustainable,...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
World Leading Sustainable Buildings - A Global Study Tour
Shane Esmore, Umow Lai Director and Principal Sustainability Consultant shares insights from a global study tour researching world leading high performance buildings. The world is facing a climate emergency that will require innovative solutions with buildings needing to take a leading...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 57 mins
Solutions For Reducing Embodied Energy Emissions In Buildings
Australia has signed on to the Paris Climate Change Agreement, committing to keep global warming to below 1.5C to 2C. The buildings industry has made a lot of progress in understanding the solutions for operational energy, and inevitably the proportion...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 45 mins
Calculating Cool Rating Tool For Hvac Systems
Calculating Cool is a free online rating tool to benchmark performance against best practice to help improve the design, installation and operation of HVAC systems. It provides quantitative and qualitative ratings for Base Building HVAC systems in Australian office buildings...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 46 mins
Key Design Principles Of Passive House
What is passive house? And what impacts can it have? During this webinar, learn the latest from a leading expert in passive house with an opportunity for live Q and A with the presenter Andy Marlow, an accomplished architect and...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 46 mins
Letting Nature In The Benefits Of Biophilic Design
The term ‘biophilic design’ is being both increasingly used and increasingly misunderstood. In this webinar, Stephen Choi will take you through an introduction to biophilic design, including identification of the patterns and elements that can be incorporated into a project...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 52 mins
Life Cycle Exposure To Chemicals In Buildings - How Risky
The move towards more energy efficient and tighter buildings might lead to increased consumer exposure to the thousands in chemical embedded in building materials. This seminar will present new high throughput methods to characterize the population exposure to tens of...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 52 mins
Building With Nature Prioritising Ecology And Biodiversity
Building on the recent GBCA paper “Building with Nature: Prioritising ecology and biodiversity for better buildings and cities” this presentation will provide you with an introduction to the importance of healthy ecosystems as part of commercial and urban property development....
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 45 mins
Contracted Cleaning Services For Healthy Efficient Buildings
There is growing evidence that facility cleaning services can have a big impact on a building’s air quality, and occupant wellbeing. The implementation of green cleaning protocols can directly help your organisation achieve up to four Green Star Performance credits,...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 46 mins
A Dose Of Sustainable Healthcare Design
How do we deliver complex healthcare systems that are both efficient and sustainable? This is a challenge faced by architects, designers and planners around the world – and a mission that LEED Fellow Gail Vittori has been tackling for three decades. Acknowledged...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 55 mins
Ambius Working With Indoor Plants
We all know plants can create ambiance and beauty in any space but dig a little deeper and you'll discover their benefits are much more than aesthetic. Recent research has shown that indoor plants can deliver a spectrum of benefits,...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 50 mins
Module Details
Insights Into Esg And Examining Investor Trends
The world of ESG is experiencing a shift as growing interest in social sustainability and an increased focus on transparency and reporting means that organisations are re-evaluating their ESG targets and approaches. A changing market also means that investors are...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
An Overview Of The Practical Guide For Sustainable Finance
Around the world, the real estate industry has increasingly embraced sustainable finance tools such as green loans and green bonds. However, greater collaboration is needed between the Australian real estate and finance sectors to reach our national climate goals and...
Free No Points 60 mins
Creating A Resilient And Insurable Australia In The Era Of Climate Change
As our climate challenge continues to accelerate, what does this mean for the built environment and how our homes and communities are insured? We are delighted to come together with the Insurance Council of Australia and examine both our risks...
Free No Points 60 mins
Insights Into Tcfd And Quantifying Climate Related Risks
Join our Insights webinar to hear from the leading experts in this space. While each organisation may be at different points of their reporting journey, now is the ideal time to consider future climate related disclosures. With TCFD gaining steam,...
$95.00 2 CPD Point(s) 90 mins
Tackling The Tcfd And Its Importance To Property
TCFD recommendations are rapidly becoming mainstream by virtue of their endorsement by major investors, regulators and many major companies worldwide. For example, signatories to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) are required, from 2020, to adopt and report...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 60 mins
Risky Business Shaping A Resilient And Insurable Built Environment
Part of the Responsible & Resilient stream from TRANSFORM Online. As climate challenges become more urgent, how can we shape a resilient and insurable built environment for our future?
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 58 mins
Making The Business Case For Sustainability
Sustainability can increase revenue, reduce cost, enhance brand and mitigate risk. However, often it is still seen just as an additional cost. Based on the ‘Business Value of Sustainability Framework™' developed, we will link sustainability to tangible business value and estimate...
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 35 mins
Green Bonds In The Property Sector
Sean Kidney, CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative gives an update on the Green Bonds market.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 45 mins
Green Bonds - Financing A Sustainable Future
Listen to this webinar with the big players in green bond issuance, to find out how they work, their potential and gain insights from the companies already holding a slice of the pie.
$53.64 1 CPD Point(s) 101 mins
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