Webinar:Redefining Precinct Scale Wastewater Treatment

Webinar: Redefining precinct scale wastewater treatment


Taking a look at how we can build more ‘living utilities’ within our urban regeneration projects, this webinar will feature presentations on international best practice project - Hassalo on 8th located in Portland, Oregon – and local best practice.

Learning from the design and delivery of North America’s largest living wastewater treatment system at a precinct scale, participants will come out of the webinar with a better understanding of:

  • the benefits of precinct scale living wastewater management systems;
  • the barriers and challenges in delivering precinct scale wastewater management systems; and
  • the integration of wastewater management and landscape design.

What to expect

Webinar Introduction (5 mins) – Adam Beck

Presentation on Hassalo on 8th (located in Portland, Oregon) (20 mins) – Pete Munoz

Presentation on Australian best practice (15 mins) – Angus Bruce

Q&A (18 mins) – moderated by Adam Beck

Wrap (2 mins) – Adam Beck

Join us

If you’re an engineer, urban designer, government policy maker or work in the utilities sector, this is a must-attend.  See you on 12 August.

Title: Redefining Precinct Scale Wastewater Treatment
Duration: 60:00 mins

Future Green Leader Price:$27.30

Member Price: $39
Non-Member Price: $59