Webinar: Mainstreaming High Performance ZEH Housing

Dr. Josh Byrne has spent over two decades transforming people's homes as presenter of ABC's Gardening Australia.

He's also an environmental scientist responsible for the design and construction of 'Josh's House' - two 10 Star houses built in the Fremantle suburb of Hilton. 

Now Byrne will share his insights as he hosts a webinar tackling why the project has been a winner for energy efficiency, as well as presenting the latest in CRC for Low Carbon Living research as we look to the future of sustainable living.

What materials were used? What skills did he employ to build these houses and are they cost effective?

These are just some of the issues Byrne will cover during the webinar, with a key opportunity for Q&A following his presentation.

This is a unique chance to uncover what's next for sustainability in the residential sector with a figure whose industry experience is unparalleled.

Title: Mainstreaming High Performance ZEH Housing
Duration: 51:21 mins
Member Price: $49
Non-Member Price: $59