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Green Star CPD Points

All Green Star qualifications have a minimum annual CPD point requirement as indicated in the table below. These points can be earned through a range of GBCA and non-GBCA activities.

Green Star points

For Green Star Associates (GSA) and Green Star Accredited Professionals (GSAP), a minimum number of points must be earned through GBCA run activities*, including courses, events and Green Star projects. These points are known as Green Star points.

There is no maximum number of Green Star points. All Green Star points earned will count towards the CPD points total.

Sustainable Development points

The remaining CPD points can be earned through courses run by GBCA recognised training partners. These points are known as Sustainable Development points.  

Points calculation

The number of CPD points available for completing a course or attending an event is noted within the individual course or event listing on the GBCA website and is indicated by a star symbol on courses or events within the GBCA’s Courses and Events Calendar.

Annual CPD point requirements at a glance


Green Star Qualification

Minimum CPD Points required per annum

CPD Fee per annum

Green Star Associate


including a min of 4 Green Star points 

Members $110


Green Star Accredited Professional


including a min of 5 Green Star points   

Members $110


*Excluding Green Cities

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