In-House Green Star Courses

The GBCA is pleased to be able to provide ‘in-house’ training to companies who want to train large groups of staff – particularly project teams – on Green Star. ‘In-house’ training means that we come to your workplace to provide specialised training to your team.

There are a range of courses available, or we can tailor specific training to suit your organisation’s needs. In-house courses include:

What are the benefits of in-house training?

In-house training allows you to:

  • train large numbers of staff at a significantly lower per head cost
  • participate in customised training that caters to the needs of your staff and your organisation’s business objectives
  • invite and engage with your key clients, suppliers and contractors to ensure you’re working together with the same knowledge and understanding of Green Star
  • learn from the most experienced industry professionals - the Green Star Faculty team and the GBCA’s Green Star staff
  • choose a time and location for training that suits you.

In-house training fosters a ‘team’ approach to Green Star and also provides an opportunity for team building through learning.

What does the GBCA provide?

GBCA provides:

  • A course presenter: a member of our highly experienced Green Star Faculty team will be selected, based on their skills, experience and location. 
  • Course materials: we will provide any teaching materials required for the training. Technical manuals can be purchased from our online shop at a discounted rate. This discount applies for up to 30 days after your course date, and to any of the technical manuals available.
  • Tailored courses: you will have the opportunity to approach GBCA in advance to dicuss your organisation’s training requirements, and ensure that the training provided meets your organisational objectives.
  • CPD points: any in-house training participant who is involved in the GBCA’s CPD program will earn CPD points

What do I need to provide?

Your organisation provides:

  • The training venue: this may be your workplace or another appropriate venue as selected by you. Please note when selecting a venue that ‘green’ venues assist in demonstrating the ethos of green building by providing a practical example of green building design and/or construction.
  • List of Attendees
  • Relevant AV equipment
  • Catering as needed

How much does it cost?

The GBCA aims to make training as cost effective and accessible as possible. The below table outlines the indicative per person costs for the various in-house courses and workshops that GBCA offers. In-house training is available to GBCA member organisations and non-member companies.  


In house cost per person 

Public cost per person 

Green Star – Design & As Built Foundation Course

 $550.00  /  $650.00

 $599.00  /  $875.00

 Green Star – Design & As Built

 Refresher Course

 $119.00  /  $199.00

 $179.00  /  $299.00

Green Star - Performance Foundation Course 

 $390.00  /  $490.00

 $435.00  /  $635.00

Green Star - Communities Foundation Course

 $390.00 / $490.00

 $435.00 / $635.00


Please note that the minimum number of attendees for in-house training is 10.

How do I book?

To ensure we deliver the highest quality training, the GBCA requires four weeks’ notice prior to the preferred course date.

Final participant numbers and venue details must be finalised at least two weeks prior to the course. Your invoice will be sent at this time and must be paid in full, one week prior to the course date.

Any cancellations must be received at least two weeks before the proposed course date. Cancellations after this time may incur a cancellation fee. 

For all enquiries about in-house courses and to book please contact the Education team here.

I want to book a course as an individual -  show me what courses are available