Green Gurus - Sustainability in WA Housing: 101


 6 GBCA Sustainable Points

Develop a ‘Point of Difference’ to the way you sell, lease and market property in Perth.

Learn more about the latest insights and innovation in building design and technologies that are helping to make our homes more liveable.

Real estate agents and property managers are in need of meaningful, credible and relevant information on sustainability concepts in housing and what it means to buyers, sellers, landlords and renters.

This one day course is facilitated by Green Gurus™ and a team of sustainability specialists, and will teach you about the latest technologies in energy and water efficiency, solar passive design and architecture, how solar PV generation systems and battery storage work and much more!

It’s new, it’s fresh and is important to how you represent, market, sell or lease homes in WA. Property developers seeking to improve the resilience, quality and long-term sustainability of their buildings are also welcome to attend.

REIWA have partnered with Green Gurus™ and you will receive 6 GBCA Sustainable points to attend. (Approval #261)

The one day workshop will cover:

PART 1 – Why is Sustainability Important to you?

Objective: Understand the main trends in improved housing design and long-term sustainability of dwellings, what buyers want and why their is an increasing market demand for green homes.  Understand why sustainability is important to the real estate sector.

PART 2 – What is Sustainability?

Objective: Understand and define sustainability in the context of real estate and housing choice.

PART 3 – Green Building Design & Construction

Objective: Understand and recognise sustainable (solar passive/eco-efficient/low carbon) building design and construction principles including solar passive design features and green building materials for residential housing and why they are important for the future of our homes. Be aware of innovative materials and construction methods.

PART 4 – Smart Home Technologies (Energy & Water)

Objective: Identify and understand energy and water efficiency features, existing and new technologies including renewable energy generation systems (solar PV, solar HWS), battery storage and other fixtures (appliances, lighting etc.) for housing and communicate their benefits.

PART 5 – Marketing and Selling

Objective: Learn about best practice in ‘Green’ residential property development and the marketing opportunities that exist for green homes (new and existing). Communicate green real estate attributes to consumers/ clientele. Learn how to appraise and gain listings and represent green sellers and buyers.



Course Details
This course is hosted externally.

CPD Points

6 Sustainable Development CPD point(s).


Wed 26 Jul, 2017
8:30am - 5.00pm
Add to Calendar 2017-07-26 true Green Gurus - Sustainability in WA Housing: 101 Develop a ‘Point of Difference’ to the way you sell, lease and market property in Perth. REIWA Training Centre Level 1, 215 Hay Street, Subiaco, Australia, 6008


REIWA Training Centre
Level 1, 215 Hay Street, Subiaco, Australia, 6008
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