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Green Star Governance

The Green Star Advisory Committee and supporting advisory groups ensure the rating system continues to be Australia’s leading rating tool for the built environment. They also ensure continuous improvement of the certification process, and increase industry participation in Green Star.

Green Star Advisory Committee

The role of the Green Star Advisory Committee is to ensure that the Green Star rating system remain rigorous, market relevant, valued by industry and continues to be Australia’s leading rating tool for the built environment. The committee must ensure that a consensus process continues to be used to evolve Green Star in accordance with the mission and strategic plan of the GBCA.

For more information on the Committee see here.

Green Star Advisory Groups

The Green Star Advisory Committee will be supported by two advisory groups responsible for assisting the committee in fulfilling its function. The advisory groups will be:

  • Industry Advisory Group: to provide insight into industry activity and trends, as well as providing advice and recommendations on how best to manage changes to the rating system.
  • Technical Advisory Group: to assist in the development of the rating system, and provide guidance on benchmarks, technical development, and future direction.

Expert Reference Panels

Expert Reference Panels assist with a defined topic of engagement. Panels are appointed by us and made up of GBCA members with experience and expertise on the relevant topic. More information can be found here

Green Star Governance Structure in a nutshell

Calls for nominations

GBCA calls for nominations from time to time. Sign up to our newsletter to receive calls for nominations.

What does this replace?

The new committee structure replaces the Green Star Steering Committee and its Advisory Groups.

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