Green Star Expert Reference Panels

We are calling for experts to join our expert reference panels. Nominations close April 2 2018.

Expert Reference Panels assist with a defined topic of engagement. Panels are appointed by us and made up of GBCA members with experience and expertise on the relevant topic. At our request, the Expert Reference Panel will be asked to

  • Provide specialist technical advice and review to us related to Green Star or other matters
  • Assist with the development and review of thought leadership papers in line with our vision and strategy
  • Evaluate the views of stakeholders as provided to us as part of the stakeholder consultation process.


The role of the Expert Reference Panels


Nominating to be part of an Expert Reference Panel

We are looking for individuals with deep experience on areas relevant to the rating system. Individuals must be from GBCA member organisations.

Expert Reference Panels work best when they offer diverse opinions and distinct points of view. We want a mix of backgrounds, locations, and ages. We are seeking experienced professionals, and our Future Green Leaders to participate. In recognition of our reconciliation efforts, we welcome professionals with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background to join us.

We support efforts to increase the gender diversity of our industry; no more than 60% of a panel can be from a single gender. We strongly encourage women to apply.

The terms of reference for the Expert Reference Panel can be found here.

To nominate to be part of an Expert Reference Panel, please follow this link. Nominations are open until April 02, 2018.