Improving existing buildings - what finance options are available?

The existing building challenge

Each year, only around two per cent of Australia’s buildings are considered ‘new’. The remaining 98 per cent presents one of the key challenges of the built environment; making our existing stock more resource efficient, healthy, productive and sustainable. More Information

Overcoming barriers

The GBCA has often called for closer collaboration between industry, government and NGOs / industry associations in order to help address key problems. More Information

What is an Environmental Upgrade Agreement?

An EUA is a tripartite agreement between a building owner, a local council and a finance provider. More Information

Who is offering EUAs?

A number of states, cities and organisations are offering financial solutions. More Information

What other options are available for assisting with environmental upgrades for buildings?

More Information

Where can I find more information on these initiatives?

Each of the websites above will lead you to further details about EUAs and their use. However, there are other organisations doing work in this area, on promotion, research and cases studies. More Information