Minister Rudd notes importance of GBCA / ChinaGBC collaboration

During a speech to Guangzhou University in China in May this year, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Hon. Kevin Rudd mentioned the close collaboration between the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the China Green Building Council (ChinaGBC).

Read an excerpt from Minister Rudd's speech below:

"There are great opportunities for Australian companies to provide assistance and mentorship in many areas, including sustainable building.

"The Green Building Council of Australia is working with the China Green Building Council under a MOU signed in 2008 focused on investigating how enhanced co-operation could accelerate the uptake of green buildings in China for the economic, environmental and social benefit of both countries.

"This will have lasting benefits for both countries long into the future, providing leadership in transforming the built environment towards sustainability.

"Australia is a world leader in green building technologies and systems. China is a world leader in developing ecocities. The synergies are clear.

"China and Australia can also collaborate well in green technology.

"Decades of rapid economic growth and urbanisation has had the unfortunate consequence of environmental degradation in China.

"It is estimated that environmental damage costs up to 8 per cent of China's GDP each year. China's environmental protection industry has developed strongly in response.

"However, in some areas, the technology levels are low and below international standard.

"Australia has some of the most stringent environmental protection and biodiversity standards in the world.

"Australian citizens accept no less.

"We are also one of the driest countries in the world.

"In this context, many companies and research institutes have developed solutions and capabilities in Australia to allow industry to operate successfully and cost effectively in a way that minimises environmental impact, including on our precious water resources.

"We are not just delivering solutions domestically.
Australian companies are already helping China to deal with its environmental challenges.

"In Hunan, Austrade is leading clusters of Australian companies to deliver rural waste water treatment solutions and remediation activities to deal with contamination in river-ways.

"Our Cooperative Research Centre on Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment is also working with partners in China to develop cost effective and sustainable technologies to help China remediate contaminated sites and better manage wastes."

Read Minister Rudd's full speech (PDF 0.48MB).