International leadership

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has proudly taken a leadership role in the global green building industry, and has much to share with other countries and green building councils.

At the same time, we have much to learn by collaborating with our counterparts to promote green ideas, technologies and techniques - and work together to achieve a common goal for both buildings and communities.

By 2015, the GBCA's vision is:

  • to be recognised internationally as a leader in green buildings and communities, especially around the Asia Pacific region
  • that Green Star operates in international markets through licensing agreements
  • to support development and growth of GBCs in the Asia Pacific and be an influential negotiator in the sectoral agreement for buildings.

We are working on a range of projects to support our international agenda, including:

  • Actively engaging with the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC)
  • Chairing the WorldGBC's Asia Pacific Network and Council Development Committee
  • Hosting events to support World Green Building Week
  • Supporting the establishment of the China GBC and its International Membership Scheme
  • Mentoring emerging GBCs to help them build skills and capacity
  • Participating in delegations and information-exchange programs
  • Fostering collaboration on green building research, skills development and business change with other GBCs
  • Presenting at international conferences and participating in trade expos
  • Supporting the development of common carbon metrics for buildings and a global green building agreement
  • Promoting Australian green building organisations to the international market through the Australian Green Building Industry Showcase.