Green Building Council of Australia’s contribution to World Green Building Council Collective Commitment for COP21 Paris

WorldGBC has launched a campaign, ahead of COP21 – the UN climate change negotiations in Paris, aiming to show how green buildings are one of the most cost-effective ways to tackle climate change and help keep global temperature rises within the two degrees limit. The GBCA will be supporting this campaign and we encourage our Members to get involved too.  A number of resources are available to download from their website, including Graphics, Powerpoint Templates, Powerpoint Images and email signatures. See full details here:

WorldGBC Collective Commitment: A declaration that all GBCs and their members can sign up to.

We, the WorldGBC, the largest global coordinated effort of the green building sector, commit to mobilising a global market transformation in order to advance by 2030 and achieve by 2050, two fundamental goals:

1. Net Zero carbon new building
2. Energy efficiency and deep refurbishment of existing stock


The Green Building Council of Australia adds its name to this global commitment.

GBCA's commitments:

  • Value Chain Transformation

     In 2016, the GBCA will introduce a label for buildings, fitouts, and communities recognising NetZero achievements for energy, carbon, and water. The label will also recognise those that go beyond net zero and make positive contributions to, for example, generating more renewable energy than what is used. Alongside this label, we will introduce an advanced curriculum to educate professionals on how to deliver net zero buildings, promote net zero as an achievable goal in our events, and create resources that can be used internationally to drive the uptake of net zero building worldwide.

  • Government Policy and Strategy

    The GBCA is committed to working with local, state and federal governments to develop policies and initiatives that will lead to greener buildings, sustainable communities and productive cities. This includes partnering with key industry bodies to:

    • Create a mid-tier commercial office pathway to eliminate barriers to improving energy efficiency in existing buildings.
    • Promote a pathway to maximize the use of renewable energy use in buildings.
    • Work to improve regulations to increase the energy efficiency requirements in the building code of Australia.
    • Create a minimum standard that addresses additional water, waste, and health provisions that can be used by local authorities to mandate minimum sustainability compliance by all buildings.