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Renew your membership with the GBCA

As a member of the GBCA, your organisation has had access to a range of events, activities, resources and opportunities to support your commitment to green building, including:

  • Competitive advantage: you were able to demonstrate your green credentials and commitment to sustainability to your clients and partners.
  • Influence: your company is part of Australia's most powerful green building voice, which actively influences government policy. As just one example, we worked closely with state governments to ensure the Building the Education Revolution spending delivered Green Star outcomes. As a result, we have more than 70 schools registered to achieve Green Star ratings, with a number state governments mandating Green Star for all new school developments and others referencing Green Star in determining their standards.
  • Education: over the last year, we've delivered more than 130 education events around Australia, and helped to train your staff on the latest green building practices. Your GBCA membership enabled you to access substantial discounts.
  • Networking: your membership provided access to the industry's green building leaders through GBCA's board, and connections with other green building advocates and practitioners at our sustainability events. Last year we also launched our new member evenings to provide a forum for your staff to network with clients, competitors and potential customers.
  • Accreditation: your company was able to receive formal Green Star certification for the environmental design achievements of your projects, as well as priority support in the use of Green Star tools.
  • Tool development: in the last year we have launched two new Green Star rating tools for healthcare facilities and multi-unit residential dwellings. We now have 11 Design and As Built tools to support your projects across a range of building types.
  • Leadership: the GBCA's vision for the built environment expanded beyond individual buildings and we are now working on a Green Star Communities tool. The framework for green precincts and communities was launched at Green Cities 2010, and the tool development process is underway.
  • International connections: we continue to contribute to developments in green building policy and practice at the international level, and worked hard this year to create stronger links within the Asia Pacific region. We are also working with green building leaders from around the world to develop common carbon metrics for buildings.
  • Collaboration: we are committed to working with other rating tools, and signed an MoU in February with NABERS to develop a common language for both rating tools and the metrics that underpin them.
  • Intelligence: we are seen the 'go to place' for green building information by governments, industry, the media and the general public. Your membership provided access to exclusive member-only reports and market research, and member savings on the costs of reports and technical manuals.
  • Resources: we continued to develop our resources to support your business, enhancing the Green Guide to Government Policy, and launching Green Building Evolution which outlines the business case for green building.

If you'd like further information about your membership benefits or renewal invoice please contact Louise Wilkinson on 02 8239 6207.