Fall head over heels at Green Cities and our wins in 2014

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Rekindle your urban love affair at Green Cities

Our cities are like relationships – we either love or leave. Join us at
Green Cities 2015 as legendary urban planner, Larry Beasley, reveals how cities can make us fall head over heels for the places in which we live. Plus your last chance to enter Weapons of Mass Creation.

Leading the way in 2014

The definition of a leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. And that's what our industry leaders did in 2014.


GBCA welcomes new Chair

As Tanya Cox steps up as Chair of the GBCA Board, we farewell and applaud Grocon’s Daniel Grollo for his contribution to the industry over the last 12 years.

Bring sustainability back to basics

At its core, a sustainable building is not about technology. It’s about common sense. Read the full story from Rory Martin our Future Green Leader 2014.

The latest Green Star news

Get a FREE copy of the Green Star – Performance Submission Guidelines, nominate yourself or a colleague for the Green Star Steering Committee and next steps for
Green Star – Design & As Built.


Resilience as we age

The buildings that we construct may be able to stand the test of time, but are they necessarily suitable for a lifetime? Robin Mellon discusses planning for an ageing population.

The greenest state in Australia

Did you know Victoria has the highest number of Green Star projects in the country? With a new government, it has a golden opportunity to reclaim its status as the greenest state.

Mythic Paint

“Our commitment is to protect indoor and outdoor air quality, by offering a high performance non-toxic paint. Our association with the GBCA is a integral part of making people aware of Mythic Paint” Ross Hopkins, Mythic Paint Australia

Creating shared value

We’re bringing together the rule breakers. Organisations that are challenging the ‘business as usual’ model and finding opportunities in solving social challenges. Wed 25 Feb 2015

Earn and learn by the pool

You can continue to earn and learn this summer with a GBCA online course. Choose from courses specific to your profession, Green Star rating tools or pick one from our most popular.

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Carbon neutral by 2020

The City of Melbourne has set an ambitious target to become a carbon neutral city by 2020. But they can’t do it alone. Find out about their collaborative plan for action and check-in on their progress so far.

Black River Park – Cape Town

South Africa GBC has awarded its first Existing Building Performance rating to Black River Park, a modern business park retrofitted to include a PV system, LED lighting and a green leasing initiative.

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