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Sustainable buildings that stand the test of time

Sustainable buildings that stand the test of time

World-leadership Green Star buildings connect people and place, leaving a powerful legacy for future generations, says Lend Lease’s Group Head of Sustainability, Geoff Dutaillis.

Few things leave a larger footprint or a more enduring legacy than our buildings.  For this reason, our industry has a responsibility to invest in sustainable buildings. 

Since achieving the first 6 Star Green Star – Office As Built rating in 2006, Lend Lease has been committed to achieving ‘world leadership’ outcomes in sustainable design and construction.  Today, we’ve chalked up 71 Green Star ratings, including nine projects that have gained 6 Star Green Star certification.

In the past few weeks, we’ve achieved a hat trick of 6 Star Green Star ratings.

Last week, the doors opened at Australia’s first 6 Star Green Star public building, Victoria Harbour’s Library at The Dock.  The three-storey building, which achieved a 6 Star Green Star – Public Building Design PILOT rating, is the first public building in the country to be made from Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).  The building’s passive design promotes natural ventilation, daylight and fresh indoor air quality, resulting in reduced energy consumption and a healthier, more productive indoor environment.  Importantly, the building is a bricks-and-mortar exemplar of sustainability for the entire community.

Two weeks earlier, Barangaroo South’s 42-storey Tower 2 commercial building became the largest to receive a 6 Star Green Star - Office Design v3 rating.  The project achieved a record six Green Star ‘Innovation’ points for sustainable solutions such as a new framework for supply chain engagement and a district cooling plant that has never before been integrated into a mixed-use project in Australia.  The project also gained points for exceeding Green Star benchmarks for eliminating the need to discharge potable water into the sewer, and for making a precinct-wide commitment to reduce the embodied carbon in the development by 20 per cent. 

And we achieved the ‘trifecta’ of Green Star ratings at Commonwealth Bank Place, the largest commercial office development in Sydney’s CBD.  The Commonwealth Bank Place fitout achieved a 6 Star Green Star – Office Interiors v1.1 rating in April and Lend Lease is working towards a Green Star – Performance rating for the project.  We are hopeful that Commonwealth Bank Place will achieve the first ‘quinella’ of Design, As Built, Interiors and Performance.

Lend Lease believes in creating a future where people and communities prosper, by creating the best places. Places where people prefer to spend their time, places that contribute to a community, and ultimately move beyond the physical to a ‘better place’. Healthier places, more productive, more skilled, more profitable; quite simply places that physically and mentally improve the quality of people’s lives.

We have always done business this way, and we always will.

Lend Lease is a Green Star 2014 Thought Leader.