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InterfaceFLOR goes Climate Neutral

InterfaceFLOR is Australia's first manufacturing company to have 100% of its products Climate Neutral.

From 1 July 2007, all carbon emissions generated during the production of InterfaceFLOR's modular
carpet tiles have been eliminated by either operational or technological change, or by the application of
carbon offsets.

"This is a significant achievement for an Australian manufacturing company," said Rob Coombs,
InterfaceFLOR President, Asia Pacific. "As a company we've been working towards this goal for 13
years. It didn't happen overnight."

InterfaceFLOR is responsible for only 15% of the carbon emitted during the lifecycle of its carpets. The
remaining 85% of emissions are produced by the company's suppliers and distributors.

To offer Climate Neutral products, InterfaceFLOR Australia is engaging with its whole supply chain.
InterfaceFLOR is working closely with individual suppliers and distributors to help them reduce their
carbon emissions, and is paying the offsets associated with any remaining emissions.

Mr Coombs said that InterfaceFLOR is committed to this environmental leadership model, which it calls
'the green ripple effect'.

"This is not just about our business. We've cleaned up our own backyard and are now showing our
business partners how to go green. Together, we will achieve more for the environment."

Recent negotiations with Australian transport companies have seen them begin the process of reducing
their emissions to win part of InterfaceFLOR's business.

Offering customers a Climate Neutral product across 100% of its product range is an important
milestone for InterfaceFLOR, but it is part of a much bigger global gameplan for the company.

"Our worldwide business has promised to eliminate any negative impacts on the environment by the
year 2020," explained Mr Coombs. "Every creative, manufacturing and business decision made by
InterfaceFLOR is focused on this goal - and our progress has been impressive. We have reduced our
global ecological footprint by 40% since 1994."

In Australia for example, InterfaceFLOR is today launching a new employee initiative called COOL
CO2MMUTE, whereby InterfaceFLOR pays to offset all carbon emissions generated by its employees
travelling to and from work. The company is also offering to pay 50% of the cost associated with
offsetting non-work travel of InterfaceFLOR employees and their families.

InterfaceFLOR Australia is also building a new, state-of-the-art carpet factory in Picton, NSW, to
enhance production and energy efficiency.

"And being green is lifting the company's domestic and international profits," said Mr Coombs.

"By reducing our energy usage, water consumption and waste, InterfaceFLOR has streamlined its
operations, become more efficient, and reduced its costs."

Since 1994, by reducing waste alone, InterfaceFLOR has saved approximately AUD$40 million.
Worldwide, the waste savings total almost AUD$400 million.

"Our business in Australia and New Zealand has grown a staggering 25% each year, for the past three

"InterfaceFLOR is proof that you can do well by doing good," said Mr Coombs.

Media contact: Andrew Huckel, Wilkinson Media 02 8001 8888 or 0402 822 622