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BBP Consultation – Operational Waste Guidelines

Over the past 16 months, the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) has focused on the opportunities from better management, measurement and outcomes for operational waste. As a result, the Partnership has created Operational Waste Guidelines to promote the continuous improvement in the management of waste from commercial buildings’ operations.

These Guidelines are designed to improve the management of waste from commercial building operations with a variety of tools:

  • Model procurement clauses for waste services, clear roles/responsibilities and KPIs
  • Template collection streams (with reporting hierarchies for benchmarking services)
  • Updated industry densities for materials
  • Template waste management plans with contamination, facility recovery rates, and outcomes-based reporting adjustments
  • An innovative new data integrity protocol, to transparently grade the quality of data for meaningful inter-building benchmarking

Developed in collaboration with the industry, the BBP is now seeking broader industry feedback.

Download the Guidelines.

Consultation is open until COB 7 November.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the Guidelines, please contact Esther Bailey from the BBP.

[email protected]


About the Better Buildings Partnership

The BBP is a collaboration of Sydney's leading institutional and private landlords and the City of Sydney, represents more than half of the commercial office space in the Sydney CBD. Since the Partnership launched in June 2011, the initiative has played a key role in facilitating a number of Sustainable Sydney 2030 initiatives and continues to work towards improving the overall sustainability performance of our existing buildings.