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Australian leaders in energy retrofits of commercial buildings now certified

Aussie leaders in energy retrofits of commercial buildings now certified

The Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) has announced the names of the first candidates awarded certification under a new national certification scheme.


The Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme (EECS) certifies professionals that can lead a comprehensive energy retrofit of commercial buildings from start to finish. Operated by the Energy Efficiency Council, the Scheme identifies Australia's leading energy efficiency experts and helps building owners and managers find professionals they can trust.


The first round of assessments is complete, which means there are now certified professionals in the market. The EEC has launched a new website which contains a directory of certified professionals and straightforward information for building owners and managers considering an energy efficiency retrofit. 


The second round of assessments opens soon. For more information on the Scheme, visit the website www.efficiencycertification.org.au or contact the Scheme office at [email protected]