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Green Star News - September 2015

Updated calculators and calculator guides

We've updated and expanded guides and calculators to help you do your job better.

Stats on Innovation Challenges: Two years of use

It has been two years since we first released Innovation Challenges. If you're curious to understand how these have been used by project teams during this time then have a look at this summary report.

Innovation Challenges: what’s next?

We're improving the Innovation Challenges experience for project teams. Here are the highlights:

  • We're improving existing Innovation Challenges by adding additional guidance and more detail while also creating Submission Templates;
  • We're retiring those challenges that have already been integrated into Green Star – Design & As Built - don't worry, Legacy project teams will still be able to use these via 'credit substitution'; and
  • We've created three new Innovation Challenges for project team to use, including a couple that were created in partnership with other organisations.

The key benefits of Green Star – Design & As Built

You know your clients should make the switch to Green Star – Design & As Built but sometimes it helps to have it laid out in black and white. We've put together a one-pager around the key benefits of making the switch. Download, print, spread the word. Download it here.