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Green Star News - June

Credit substitution for Legacy Rating tools

Projects teams working on projects registered under Legacy rating tools can now take advantage of more flexible credits in New Generation rating tools by substituting credits. Find out how.

Draft 'As Built' guidelines

Guidelines have been developed to provide additional support for project teams undertaking an 'As Built' rating. These guidelines specify new approaches for demonstrating compliance in situations where the delivery of certain building elements is outside the head contractor's control. View the guidelines.

Webinar series now available free to members

We recently ran a series of webinars detailing the changes between PILOT to Version 1 of Green Star –  Performance and the proposed changes to Green Star – Communities v1 for release in August. Now, we've made these webinars free to members. 

View the Green Star – Performance webinars
View the Green Star – Communities webinars

Green Star – Communities v1 Consultation

In preparation for the August release of Green Star – Communities v1, we are now seeking feedback on the proposed changes as outlined in the Green Star – Communities v1 webinar. The Green Star Development team will be touring the country in July to conduct interactive workshops for you to have your say.

Australia's first Green Star – Performance portfolio rating

Australand can now claim Australia's largest Green Star footprint after certifying 54 industrial and commercial buildings through a Green Star – Performance portfolio rating. Read more.

Portfolio certification for Green Star – Performance is designed to work with building portfolios and those managed centrally on campus. The portfolio certification service is a cost-effective method to achieve reporting requirements and ensure buildings are operating at their peak potential. For more information contact Rachael Lindup, Market Development Manager.