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This changes everything

Launched in Sydney by CEO & Managing Director, Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, Mirvac's plan for a sustainable future sets the sustainability bar very high.

Titled 'This Changes Everything', the plan was developed through extensive stakeholder engagement and identifies four key areas for improvement and a mission to achieve in each.

  1. Re-imagining Resources - to be net positive by 2030. To Mirvac net positive means generating more water and energy than consumed and finding ways to capture and reduce waste beyond what is created.
  2. Shaping the Future of Place - to create a framework for the future of place by 2015. To Mirvac place means residences, communities, parklands, retail precincts, office buildings and industrial properties. The places we live, work shop and play.
  3. Smarter Thinking - to create the first smart portfolio by 2020. To Mirvac a smart asset is one designed to improve its own performance and ease of operation over its lifecycle.
  4. Enriching Communities - to demonstrate community investment within and beyond our boundaries by 2018. To Mirvac community investment means activities which enhance the health and wellbeing within a community as well as strengthen social inclusion.

The goals are big and bold and Mirvac knows it. Sustainability Group General Manager, Paul Edwards, said "The plan is an ambitious one which will push the boundaries and ensure every change counts."

To support the ambitious long term targets the plan also highlights short term milestones to keep Mirvac on track. "We have time-bound commitments that will help us achieve our missions, such as reducing potable water intensity by 15 per cent by 2018 and achieving zero waste by 2030."

The plan embodies a holistic approach to sustainability with 'community' and 'place' playing key roles alongside reductions in water, waste and energy. CEO & Managing Director, Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, said "Our future depends on us all acting in a sustainable way and thinking creatively about how we impact our environment and our communities."

'This Changes Everything' also turns the regular reporting process on its head - it's graphical, has its own YouTube video and is only 10 pages. So take a look and let us know what you think @gbcaus.

To find out more about Mirvac and their sustainability plan visit www.mirvac.com/change.

The development of the plan was supported by The Republic of Everyone.

Mirvac is a Green Star 2014 Thought Leader.