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Statement on Green Star Design & As Built

This week there has been some media attention about Green Star, which has arisen as a result of the recent release of the draft credits for the new Green Star – Design & As Built rating tool

The release of the draft credits is a major milestone in the evolution of Green Star.  Green Star – Design & As Built, a ‘next generation’ Green Star rating tool, will be able to assess the sustainability achievements of most building uses in Australia with the exception of single-unit dwellings, and will cover single- and mixed-use buildings at both the design and construction phases.

The credit review process identified a number of emerging issues that should be rewarded in new or substantially revised credits, including:

  • Adaptation and Resilience
  • Sustainability Impacts from Transport
  • Reduction of Construction and Demolition Waste
  • Material Life Cycle Impacts
  • Responsible Sourcing of Construction Materials
  • Product Transparency and Sustainability
  • Sustainable Sites
  • Heat Island Effect Reduction.

This is the first time we have released an entire suite of draft credits for public comment.  We have also released the set of submission templates that will accompany the rating tool to encourage industry and community feedback on the benchmarks, credit criteria and documentation requirements.

We are reaching out through multiple channels, as usual, to ensure everyone in the industry has an opportunity comment.

This process is open and transparent for the very reason that this is an important discussion; we encourage different viewpoints.

Our commitment during the development of Green Star - Design & As Built has been to reduce the cost and simplify the compliance of certification, and encourage innovation and world leadership in the delivery of buildings that are not just environmentally sustainable, but better for people too.

The draft credits can be downloaded from our website, and we value your feedback.

The GBCA’s board understands we must continue to adapt Green Star so that it remains robust and relevant.  We believe that everyone should attend a green school, work in a green office, or live in a green home – and that GBCA is the vehicle to help us create sustainable places for everyone.

Romilly Madew
Chief Executive
Green Building Council of Australia