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New time limits on Green Star - Design ratings for projects registering after 1 January 2013

From 1 January 2013, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is introducing time limits on the Green Star - Design ratings of projects registering after that date.

This new policy, announced at Green Cities 2012 in March, means that future Green Star – Design ratings will only be valid for 24 months after a building’s practical completion.

The time limits on Green Star - Design ratings will apply to any project registered for a Design rating from 1 January 2013 – irrespective of the rating tool used.  It does not apply to projects that were registered before 1 January 2013.

Q&A about the new policy for Green Star - Design ratings


Why is the Green Building Council of Australia introducing restrictions on Green Star - Design ratings?

Green Star is a constantly-evolving rating system, and we are committed to ensuring it continues to adapt and respond to the industry’s needs.

Many building projects are promoted as ‘Green Star-rated buildings’ long after they have been built – despite having no certification that demonstrates the Green Star design was reflected in the construction or in the performance of the building.

Stakeholder research confirmed that this may create confusion in the marketplace. 

By restricting the rating to a two year period, we will limit the length of time that building projects can market a Green Star – Design rating and reinforce the robustness of the Green Star rating system. 

Project teams achieving As Built and future Green Star – Performance ratings will receive recognition for ensuring that best practice sustainable buildings are not only designed, but constructed.

What are the implications of the new policy for the industry?

The new time limits on Green Star – Design ratings have received positive support from industry, which recognises that time-constrained ratings for Green Star - Design will help to ensure that green design translates into the construction of green buildings.

What is the difference between a Design and an As Built rating?

Green Star - Design ratings are instrumental in motivating Australia’s property and construction industry to design and build green. Design ratings encourage project teams to consider sustainability from the initial stages of a project’s development by providing a recognised set of best practice benchmarks for sustainable design.

The Green Star – Design rating is seen as a promise within the industry, which provides the groundwork for a Green Star – As Built rating. The As Built rating demonstrates that this promise has been delivered through construction. This, in turn, provides the foundation for an ongoing assessment of the building’s performance in operation, which will be assessed under the Green Star - Performance  rating tool, currently under development.

What does this mean for my project?

This new policy applies only to projects registered after 1 January 2013.

If your project was registered before 1 January 2013, your Green Star - Design rating will not expire.

Does the restriction also apply to Green Star – Interiors ratings?

No. Green Star – Interiors ratings are issued at the As Built stage of the project, so the restriction does not apply to these ratings.

Does the restriction also apply to Green Star – Communities ratings?

No. The certification model for Green Star – Communities includes a requirement that projects recertify every five years. Read more about the certification model in our Green Star – Communities PILOT fact sheet.

Further queries

If you have any further queries, please email the Green Star team, or phone (02) 8239 6200.