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Development of ‘deemed-to-satisfy’ criteria

As part of Green Star Revolution, we promised to reduce documentation requirements.  One way we’re doing this is by developing ‘deemed-to-satisfy’ criteria for a number of credits that currently require extensive documentation.

Deemed-to-satisfy criteria will reduce the time and cost involved with the certification process for credits that are generally assessed through modelling practices.

According to Green Star Technical Manager, Jorge Chapa, the work has been undertaken through the Green Star – Custom process.

“As we’ve been developing customised rating tools, we have explored how modelling-intensive credits can be accessed through other options.  For example, we’re looking at how to make the ‘Access to Daylight’ credit easier to use, by substituting often-expensive daylight modelling with simple measurements of the floor plan.

“Another example is developing a method for assessing the energy consumption of a building through deemed-to-satisfy options.  We started the ball rolling through the Green Star – Custom process, and are now developing it further for Green Star – Interiors,” Jorge explains.

“The work we’ve done so far has confirmed that introducing deemed-to-satisfy criteria for modelling credits is no longer just an option for Green Star - it is part of how we deliver more efficient rating tools.”