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Changes to the Green Building Council of Australia’s Constitution

Following a governance review, the Board of Directors agreed that changes to the GBCA’s Constitution were appropriate.

These changes were put to the GBCA membership on Tuesday 1 September at an Extraordinary General Meeting, and received unanimous support.

The changes are in relation to certain rules regarding directors and membership, and:

  • Remove barriers to directorship to ensure optimal representation on the board
  • Require all directors to be subject to election by members and to the rotation rules
  • Move certain requirements relating to board meetings, the tenure of the chair and of directors to the Board Charter in recognition that some flexibility is at times desirable
  • Remove the exclusion of trade associations to membership.

The changes will enable the GBCA to attract a wider range of talented and experienced directors to further our ambitious strategic agenda.

The changes open membership to all like-minded organisations, provided they meet the GBCA’s membership requirements. The only exclusion is individuals.

Read the amended Constitution.

If you have any questions regarding the changes, please contact the GBCA’s Company Secretary, Lynne Harman.