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Start of a new, national conversation about a sustainable Australia

A new report, released today by the National Sustainability Council, marks the start of a new, national conversation about sustainability, says the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).

“We applaud the work of the National Sustainability Council, and welcome Sustainable Australia 2013: Conversations with the Future, which underscores the fact that securing Australia’s sustainable future is in the best interests of all its citizens,” says the GBCA’s Executive Director of Advocacy, Robin Mellon.

“The report emphasises that sustainability is not simply a matter of ensuring we protect our natural environment.  True sustainability means ensuring that future generations have at least the same quality of life as we have enjoyed. 

“To secure a sustainable Australia, we must address a complex web of economic, social and environmental factors – from improving housing affordability, employment and education opportunities, to reducing car dependence and rates of obesity, as well as building resilience and adapting to climate change,” Mr Mellon says.

“To sustain the wellbeing of the Australian people over the long term, we must find new ways of supporting economic growth without degrading the environment.  This means accelerating innovation, investing in research and embracing sustainable development,” Mr Mellon adds.

“We welcome the report’s findings that, with population growth in Australia expected to be largely accommodated in our cities, we can expect increased pressure on natural resources and added stress on existing infrastructure.  In this context, we must focus our attention on policies and programs that support the design and delivery of more sustainable, productive and liveable communities.

“The report is a timely reminder that decisions and actions we take now will determine whether the next generation of Australians can expect the same opportunities and quality of life that their parents and grandparents have enjoyed.  We must work together to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy the benefits of a strong economy, a prosperous and inclusive society and a healthy environment. This report should be read by every single Australian so that they understand their place in and their contribution to Australia’s sustainable future,” Mr Mellon concludes.

Download Sustainable Australia 2013: Conversations with the Future.