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South Australia on the path towards carbon zero

New strategies and a joint vision released by the South Australian Government and City of Adelaide have been applauded by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).

The Weatherill Government has released the state’s new Climate Change Strategy (2015-2050), which commits to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Meanwhile, the City of Adelaide’s Carbon Neutral Strategy outlines a framework to establish the world’s first carbon neutral city.

“The South Australian Government and the Adelaide City Council are sending a clear signal to businesses, investors and people around the world that it is looking to the future – and that’s a low-carbon future,” says the GBCA’s Chief Executive Officer Romilly Madew.

“The South Australian Government has shown an enduring commitment to sustainability over many years, investing in large-scale Green Star projects such as the Royal Adelaide Hospital, and communities like Tonsley and Bowden, as well as legislating to enable private sector finance for commercial building upgrades; and using government leasing policies to drive the market towards high performing office buildings.

“South Australia already has 89 Green Star-rated projects around the state. As well as targeting the emissions created by buildings in the city, this strategy will position South Australia at the forefront of research and innovation, attract investment and create jobs for the future.

“The City of Adelaide is adopting a range of smart strategies such as leading by example by improving the energy performance of government and council owned buildings. 

“By seizing the sustainability agenda now, the City of Adelaide will position itself as a progressive, liveable city and establish a global reputation for innovation.

“We applaud the leadership of both governments. These are the outcomes that Australians can expect when governments are bold, ambitious and work together,” Ms Madew concludes.