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Frasers Property Australia raises the sustainability stakes with 5 Star Green Star commitment

Leading diversified property group Frasers Property Australia (Frasers Property) has once again raised the bar in the property sector after committing to achieve minimum 5 Star Green Star – Design & As Built ratings for all its new industrial, commercial and retail projects.

According to the Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA’s) Chief Executive Officer, Romilly Madew, a long-term commitment to sustainability has positioned Frasers Property as one of the most progressive and successful diversified property companies in Australia.

“Frasers Property has spent many years identifying opportunities to improve the efficiency of its portfolio.  The team has tested ideas, developed capabilities and prioritised improvements in environmental outcomes to deliver much more than the bare minimum,” Ms Madew says.

“Now, Frasers Property is taking this sustainability commitment to the next level by achieving Green Star ratings for every new project.  Each Green Star rating will give building occupiers confidence that they are choosing productive and efficient workspace.  And it will give Frasers Property team members verification that they are achieving quality future-focused outcomes,” Ms Madew adds.

This commitment complements Frasers Property’s recent sustainability achievements, which includes securing the first ever Green Star – Performance portfolio rating for 54 commercial and industrial properties in June.  The company also achieved Australia’s first 6 Star Green Star Retail Centre Design v1 certified rating for The Ponds Shopping Centre in May.

Frasers Property Australia now has Green Star certification for more than 1.3 million square metres of industrial, commercial and retail floor space across a total of 64 Green Star-rated buildings.

“Setting a minimum 5 star Green Star benchmark for all of our new projects demonstrates our leadership and reinforces our commitment to our customers,” says Sean McMahon, head of Frasers Property’s Commercial & Industrial division.

“We are working with our customers to ensure they understand the financial payback and benefits of future-proofing these assets against major rises in energy and water costs – and an independently-verified Green Star rating is a good way to do this.  The cost benefit analysis of achieving Green Star certification stacks up, and we will continue to drive leadership in sustainability across the commercial sector,” Mr McMahon adds.

According to Frasers Property Australia General Manager, Sustainability Paolo Bevilacqua, “our commitment to Green Star will provide our customers with better spaces and reduced operating costs.  It also reinforces our determination to be a market leader in sustainability.”

Frasers Property will employ a range of initiatives to achieve Green Star ratings, including solar PV systems, LED lighting, geothermal heating and cooling, and improved glazing, insulation and air conditioning systems.

“We applaud Frasers Property for making a firm and fearless public commitment to sustainability – and to being independently-tested along the way.  This is what industry leadership looks like.  Let the rest of the industry take note,” Ms Madew concludes.