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Community for 50,000 people achieves Green Star rating

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has awarded Stockland a 6 Star Green Star – Communities rating for its Caloundra South development in Queensland.

Caloundra South is the largest mixed-use development ever undertaken under single ownership in Australia.  Over the next three decades, Caloundra South will grow to a similar size and scale to Maroochydore, Hervey Bay or Gladstone and will be home to around 50,000 people.

According to the GBCA’s Chief Executive Officer, Romilly Madew, Stockland’s achievement cannot be understated. 

“Stockland’s 6 Star Green Star rating for Caloundra South demonstrates that it is possible to undertake a development of unprecedented scale and achieve world class environmental and social outcomes,” she says.

“Stockland has done an outstanding job to formulate a world’s best practice approach to water treatment, purification and management and environmental conservation and rehabilitation for its Caloundra South Master Plan, while also demonstrating inspirational thinking around social inclusion that will enhance the ‘liveability’ of this new community.
“Through the application of the GBCA’s Green Star - Communities rating tool, Stockland and other industry partners will help to set new, higher, national benchmarks for community development that stand the test of time for many generations to come.”

Stockland Managing Director and CEO, Mark Steinert, says: “The 6 Star Green Star rating is a glowing endorsement for the soon-to-be-developed Caloundra South project from the leading national and internationally-recognised body for assessing and accrediting green building design, construction and operational practices. This accreditation is important because it considers the social and economic sustainability and environmental performance of communities, not just during construction but in perpetuity.”

Stockland has gone to great lengths to ensure the community will become a model for social inclusion and environmentally sensitive urban design and development, with a range of initiatives:

  • More than 700 hectares, nearly one-third of the site, will be rehabilitated from decades of use as a former pine plantation and designated as a conservation area
  • New habitats for rare and endangered flora and fauna species will be created with fauna underpasses at every major creek crossing
  • Installation of the most advanced water reticulation, filtration, storage and treatment system ever installed in any Australian city, which will recycle water, minimise run-off and ensure the protection of the nearby Pumicestone Passage
  • Annual environmental reporting will assess the development of the project against stringent water quality and biodiversity measures
  • Stockland will establish an environmental education facility and run sustainability awareness programs to promote life-long learning amongst residents and local school children
  • A dedicated Caloundra South economic development strategy will target the creation of 19,500 direct jobs, creating long-term local employment opportunities.

Stockland will invest in local roads, stormwater and wastewater infrastructure and create a host of new communities facilities. This will include nine separate sporting grounds, numerous parks and playgrounds and a ‘people’s place’ and central park alongside a new town centre.

“Stockland understands that it is shaping the future of a community for generations.  This isn’t about simply bricks and mortar – it’s about creating a community that protects and enhances the natural environment, that is built for resilience, and that has people at its heart.  Caloundra South embodies the future of Australian communities,” Ms Madew concludes.

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