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World Green Building call to action

The Green Building Council of Australia is working with other members of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) to unlock the building sector's potential to reduce energy consumption in the built environment.

WorldGBC has developed a Call to Action which, with the full support of the global green building council network, outlines a number of key objectives and recommendations that governments are strongly encouraged to consider as strategic and timely actions for achieving this end:

  • Improve and refine financial mechanisms to better encourage investment in energy efficiency through buildings, which can include commitments under the Copenhagen Accord, private sector investment and other national funding sources.
  • Include buildings as a leading strategy for energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reduction programs in the building sector under Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs).
  • Support the Common Carbon Metric initiative, which is being developed by the WorldGBC in partnership with the Sustainable Buildings Alliance and the UNEP Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative, to establish benchmarks and baselines to set and deliver measurable, reportable and verifiable emissions reductions.
  • Build industry capacity through knowledge sharing across sectors, education and training programs for the workforce, and the promotion of demonstration projects.
  • Work with industry to amend the Clean Development Mechanism to support and encourage investment in energy efficient building programs in developing countries, including smaller scale projects.

The actions we propose would strongly support progress toward our common objectives, and avoid locking our buildings into poor energy performance for decades to come.

In September, the WorldGBC released a special report in conjunction with World Green Building Week. Tackling Global Climate Change - Meeting Local Priorities, demonstrates the important role that green buildings can play in providing social and economic benefits such as affordable housing, job creation and disaster recovery. The special report brings together exemplary case studies from around the world and provides evidence of how green buildings have been used effectively to meet local needs.

Our collective mission is to facilitate the global transformation of the building industry towards sustainability, by promoting local green building actions as solutions to address global issues such as climate change.