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ASBEC Zero Emissions Residential Task Group - GBCA appointed to Chair

Mark Allan, Associate Director from Billard Leece Partnership representing the GBCA has been appointed Chair of the ASEBC Zero Emissions Residential Task Group (ZERTG). Caryn Kakas, Executive Director, Residential Development Council has been appointed Deputy Chair.

The Task Group seeks to address the needs for a cohesive strategy to reduce residential emissions in Australia and for voluntary tools and "sustainability drivers" to reduce residential emissions in Australia, with a view to developing a framework and advocacy campaign that defines, measures and rates zero emission homes. A focus on residential homes (ie both new and old detached, semi-detached and apartments) beyond just the energy efficiency and the building envelope has potential flow-on benefits beyond the direct emissions reduction of the home itself. It also has the potential to change how people value their homes (in terms of quality of life, not just the cost for development, maintenance and appliances), and influence the decision making they and professionals within the residential sector undertake as it relates to emissions.

ASBEC's Zero Emissions Residential Task Group comprises representatives from Think Brick, the Green Building Council Australia, Australian Institute of Architects, Australian Conservation Foundation, Property Council of Australia, the Victorian Building Commission, Sustainability Victoria, Consult Australia, the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and the City of Melbourne.