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Revised Green Star Steel Credit

The Green Star 'Steel' credit

Updated: 25 August 2010 (Original release 29 April, 2010)

The Revised Green Star 'Steel' credit was introduced into all Green Star rating tools on 29 April 2010 following the 'Steel' Credit Review.

All Green Star projects that are registered before 29 April 2010 have the option to use either the old Green Star 'Steel' credit or the new Green Star 'Steel' credit. Any projects registering after 29 April 2010 must use the new Green Star 'Steel' credit.

The Steel Credit Review

Since the GBCA introduced Green Star in 2003, the suite of environmental rating tools has contained a 'Steel' credit to encourage the use of recycled steel in structural applications. The Green Star 'Steel' credit was included in the first Green Star rating tool, Green Star - Office Design v1, and has featured in all subsequent tools.

Recognising that Australian steel manufacturers are already recovering scrap steel from the waste stream at world's best practice rates, in 2009 the GBCA commenced an extensive stakeholder engagement process to review the 'Steel' credit.

Through consultation with a Steel Expert Reference Panel (Steel ERP) and review of independent research, the GBCA found that a revised 'Steel' credit was necessary to remove the focus on high percentages of recycled steel content in new steel products, and instead encourage dematerialised efficiencies in the production of steel as a construction material. The new newly revised 'Steel' credit also recognises innovative and environmentally responsible steel production and fabrication methods.

Future work by the GBCA may involve a life cycle analysis or assessment (LCA) which compares the environmental and health impacts of all building materials. However, the outcomes of this 'Steel' credit review are not based on full LCA comparisons of steel products.

Credit Review Documentation

Credit Review Process

This credit review was conducted in accordance with the Green Star Stakeholder Engagement Process.