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Materials Category

The Green Star Materials category consist of credits that facilitate and recognise the efficient use and management of building and fitout materials. Materials credits reward overall reductions to the amount of materials used, the reuse of building materials, and the specification of recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.

The various environmental and human health impacts arising from building materials are reduced when use of virgin materials is limited and special attention is given to the selection of ecologically and health-preferable materials.

Green Star Materials credits aim to address and improve the environmental impacts of building products and materials by taking into consideration issues pertaining to the lifespan, lifecycle and end-use of these resources within Green Star certified projects.

Referencing Green Star in Product Literature

The GBCA Trade Mark Policy outlines the GBCA's requirements for references to the Green Star trade mark in product literature. All references to Green Star in product advertising must comply with the requirements set out under the 'Green Star Trademarks' page of the GBCA website.

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