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Green Star - Retail Centre v1

You are looking at a discontinued version of Green Star. This Legacy Rating Tool is no longer available for registration. The most recent version of Green Star for design and construction of sustainable buildings is Green Star - Design & As Built.


The Green Star — Retail Centre v1 rating tool assesses the environmental attributes of new and refurbished retail centres in Australia. It can be applied from the design phase of a project and up to two years from practical completion. The release of the tool represents a milestone in the assessment of environmental attributes of retail centres, and is expected to guide the industry toward more sustainable design practises.

Registration under this rating tool closed in December 2015, new projects must register under the current versions of the Green Star rating tools.

Projects which have been previously registered or have been certified for a Green Star – Retail Centre Design v1 rating will still be able to register for a Green Star – Retail Centre As Built v1 rating, provided that the eligibility criteria is still met

View the Green Star - Retail Centre v1 Technical Manual

Green Star rating tool technical manual viewer (BETA)

Download the rating tool scorecard:

Green Star — Retail Centre v1 Scorecard 
Updated: 27th March 2014* (Original release 28 August, 2008)

Green Star — Retail Centre v1 Calculators
Updated: 8th October 2013* (Original release 28 August, 2008)

* Please ensure that you are working with the latest release of the Green Star — Retail Centre v1 rating tool. Green Star rating tools are updated when required. The release date of this tool is shown above. Green Star registered projects are permitted to use the release which was current at the date of registration, or later. Earlier releases must not be used.

Supporting Documents:
Eligibility Criteria
Green Star Rulings

Design Rating to As Built Rating - Reduced Documentation Pathway
Documentation Guidelines for Retail Centre v1
Commuting Mass Transport Calculator Guide
Energy Guides:
Green Star - Retail Centre v1 Energy Calculator Guide*
Updated: 17 April 2009 (Original release 18 February, 2009)
* PDF file exceeds 7 MB. The file may take some time to download. We recommend saving the file to your computer rather than opening it from this location.
Green Star Photovoltaic Modelling Guidelines
Solar Hot Water and Heat Pump Booster Energy Calculator Guide

Registered project teams using the Green Star — Retail Centre v1 Energy Calculator Guide are requested to stay in regular contact with their Green Building Council of Australia Technical Coordinator. During the PILOT period for this tool, there were several cases identified where the energy modelling did not recognise important elements of buildings and the Green Building Council of Australia is preparing an alternative modelling methodology to address these issues. If you think that your building might be disadvantaged by the energy modelling method outlined in the Energy Calculator Guide, please contact the project Technical Coordinator for details of the alternatives available.

Assessment of Building Users' Guide and Design Intent Report (Uploaded 1 April 2014)

Updated credits
Man-1 Green Star Accredited Professional credit
IEQ Air Distribution System credit
Ene-1 Greenhouse Gas Emissions credit
Ene-3 Peak Energy Demand Reduction credit
Tra-4 Commuting Mass Transport credit
Mat-4 Concrete credit (updated: 11 Sep 2012)
Mat-5 Steel credit (updated: 20 Dec 2013)
Mat-6 PVC credit (updated: 13 Dec 2013)
Mat-7 Timber credit (updated: 21 Feb 2012)
Eco - Conditional Requirement credit
Eco-1 Topsoil credit
Emi-3 Refrigerant Leaks credit
Emi-5 Stormwater credit
Emi-8 Legionella credit