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Green Star - Performance Draft Scoping Paper

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has received extensive feedback from stakeholders on how 'existing buildings' could be addressed by Green Star. This feedback is the result of both formal and informal consultation, and has been collected via industry discussions, presentations, meetings and stakeholder workshops.

A Stakeholder Reference Group was formed in July 2010 to provide advice and recommendations to the GBCA on the guiding principles of a Green Star rating tool that addresses operations performance of existing buildings. This Stakeholder Reference Group met with the GBCA three times between July and October 2010, providing extensive feedback and comments.

The Draft Green Star - Performance Scoping Paper was prepared as part of the rating tool development process. Its purpose is to identify issues associated with the development of Green Star - Performance and to identify matters that should be considered in the next phase. This paper has been prepared from feedback from the Stakeholder Reference Group and other stakeholders.

The Development Continues

Following consideration of stakeholder comments received during the public comment period, appropriate amendments will be made and incorporated into the Scoping Paper. These stakeholder comments are presented in the Scoping Paper Feedback Report, which also includes the GBCA response to comments and suggestions for the way forward.

 Stakeholder Feedback Report - released Dec. 2011

A Technical Working Group (TWG) was formed in August 2011, which is composed of building onwers, building operators, facilities managers and the rating tool sponsors. The TWG are nominated (or self-nominated) to assist in the development of the Green Star - Performance rating tool; the TWG is limited to individuals from GBCA member organisations. Individuals who are not from a GBCA member organisation may nominate to be included as an 'expert.'

The GBCA would encourage facilities managers and building operators to nominate TWG members and Technical Experts, as their experience and background would be well suited to assist in the development of Green Star - Performance.

The tool development process typically lasts 18 -24 months and will be followed by a PILOT process prior to the release of the first version of the rating tool. It is likely that the PILOT process will start in early 2013.