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Green Star - Office Interiors v1.1

You are looking at a discontinued version of Green Star. This Legacy Rating Tool is no longer available for registration. The most recent version of Green Star for the fit out of sustainable buildings is Green Star – Interiors.


The Green Star - Office Interiors v1.1 rating tool has been designed to help the owners, tenants and interior designers of commercial office building fitouts to gain third-party certification of the sustainable credentials of their projects.

Registration under this rating tool closed in December 2015, new projects must register under the current versions of the Green Star rating tools.Green Star – Interiors is a universal rating tool for all fitout types and the recommended rating tool for office fitouts. Click here for more information about Green Star – Interiors.

The items are assessed for eco preferred content, durability, the product manufacturer's environmental management system, commitment to product stewardship, and whether the product is modular and/or designed for disassembly. Emissions of volatile organic compounds from paints, carpets, adhesives and sealants and office fitout items are covered within the Indoor Environment Quality category.

View the Green Star - Office Interiors v1.1 Technical Manual

Green Star rating tool technical manual viewer (BETA)

Download the rating tool scorecard:
Green Star - Office Interiors v1.1 Scorecard
Updated: 3rd June 2014* (Original release 1 May, 2006)

Green Star - Office Interiors v1.1 Calculators
Updated: 13th September 2013* (Original release 1 May, 2006)

* Please ensure that you are working with the latest release of the Green Star - Office Interiors v1.1 scorecard. Green Star rating tool scorecards are updated when required, to incorporate improvements made by the Green Star Team. The release date of this scorecard is shown above. Green Star registered projects are permitted to use the release which was current at the date of registration, or later. Earlier releases must not be used.

Green Star - Office Interiors v1.1 sponsors

Flora Family Foundation
QLD Dept Public Works
Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria
Wilkhahn Asia Pacific