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Green Star - Office v3

The release of Green Star — Office Design v3 and Green Star — Office As Built v3 demonstrate the significant progress the building and construction industry has made since the introduction of Green Star — Office Design v2 and Green Star — Office As Built v2.

The release of Green Star — Office v3 represents a milestone in the assessment of the environmental attributes of buildings. It reflects World Leadership in rating tool development and is expected to further progress sustainable building design and construction in Australia.

Green Star — Office v3 has been revised to award industry leadership through raised benchmarks, new credits and updated references to standards as well as relevant and clearer Compliance Requirements.


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View the Green Star - Office v3 Technical Manual

Green Star rating tool technical manual viewer (BETA)

Download the rating tool scorecard:
Green Star — Office v3 Scorecard
Updated: 02/09/2014* (Original release 15/02/08)
Green Star — Office v3 Calculators
Updated: 21/05/2015* (Original release 15/02/08)

* Please ensure that you are working with the latest release of the Green Star — Office v3 rating tool. Green Star rating tools are updated when required, to incorporate improvements made by the Green Star Tool Development Team. The release date of this tool is shown above. Green Star registered projects are permitted to use the release which was current at the date of registration, or later. Earlier releases must not be used.

Purchase the Technical Manual
Introduction to Green Star — Office v3
Green Star — Office v3 Top Changes
(Outlines major changes between the two different versions of the Green Star — Office v2 and v3 rating tools)
Green Star — Office v3: Matrix of Changes (PDF)
(A credit-by-credit breakdown of the major changes from Green Star — Office v2)
Stakeholder Feedback Report (PDF)

Green Star - Office v3 sponsors

Building Commission Victoria
Department of Sustainability and Environment
EcoRecycle Victoria
Environment Protection Authority Victoria
Melbourne City Council
Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria