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Collaboration the key to sustainability success

At last month’s Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) National Congress, GBCA Executive Director for Market Development and Sustainable Communities, Adam Beck, presented to delegates on the importance of collaboration in making sustainability work.

Musing on the people, ideas, passion and support that it took to develop the Green Star – Communities rating tool, Adam reminded the audience of the need to:

  • Engage: The success of a sustainable project, be it a building or a city, depends upon our ability to listen. We need to understand driving needs, and utilise the skills, ideas and expertise of the people around us to get the best outcome.
  • Be authentic: For our sustainable projects to work, we must commit ourselves to success and doing whatever it takes. And admitting when we need help!
  • Discover, learn and share: The best ideas often happen by happy accident. It’s about being open to new ideas and taking a flexible approach. We must be prepared to fail and use these experiences to find better solutions.
  • Remember it’s about us: Sustainability’s success depends on us remembering that our solutions should benefit everyone – not just the privileged few.

“Sustainability will be won or lost through the contribution of the whole, not the parts. Buildings and infrastructure are at the centre, but people are at the heart of sustainability,” said Adam.